Been lurking a few months and now want to join you all in discussion

Hi everyone, as mentioned, I’ve been lurking a few months. I’ve learned a lot just from reading your experiences and thoughts.

I’m a bit newer to demonology and magick however have had a lifetime of experiences so certain concepts aren’t necessarily new to me but learning the new lingo, like calling my awareness magick and actually practicing rituals is new. Before I always did it just in my mind and never really had a word for it.

Really looking forward to learning more from you all

My screen name means universe in Icelandic which is just the first random word that popped in my mind when thinking of a handle


Welcome to the forum There’s a bunch of great people here!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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You have come to the right place to continue your path.

Welcome @alheimsins to the forum your in the right spot to develop your path !

Thanks guys!