Beelzebub's sacrifice

Just curious, what animal is that on the pike at the end of section 6? Is that a chicken?

I’m pretty sure that’s a hogs head.

Thanks, I watched it again and just noticed the mouth and nose. At first it vaguely looked like a chicken for some reason.

And I’m curious if you sacrificed the animal, EA or bought the head from a butcher to give.

In Santeria I’ve often given a pigs head to Eggun (ancestral spirits). So it was very cool to see a head on a stick like that.

Is there a specific type of animal that Beelzebub likes?

In general when making a pact with him, is meat given?

I just picked it up at a local carneceria. They always give me strange looks when I buy random animal parts (and because I’m the only guero in the store), but they usually have exactly what I’m looking for.

Ba’al Zebub does prefer a swine’s head. I put that on the stake and left it for three days in the desert sun, so by the time I returned it was swarming with flies and maggots, and the effluvia from the head itself attracted the essence of The Lord of Flies!


Ha ha - I do the same thing here.

Thank you for the info on Ba’al Zebub.

I had quite a reaction to that ritual even just watching it on video. Really powerful stuff.

Now I’m beginning to look for a location I can also use outside.

Ea what do you think about the self proclamed incarnation of VM Belzebuub? I mean, could be posible? Its related with aun weor gnosis

His web:

anyone claiming to be an incarnation of anyone else is 100 percent full of shit, in my opinion. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, so for my left hand to say that it’s an incarnation of my right foot is not only ridiculous, but such a statement also betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of Atman-Samadhi.

Thought so, thanks for sharing your wisdom :slight_smile:

Yoga, i’ve read that book. It is totally senseless.
It says that Beelzebub was a guy from old Arcadia that turned into a nasty black magician and after his death he turned into a Demon called Beelzebub lol.

Then Samael Aun Weor saved Beelzebub from darkness and guided him to the light and he was clean now and could pay his Karma reencarnating into a new body on Earth.

Well, wtf? So we can not evoke Beelzebub anymore? Yea right…
Beelzebub is not even a human and never was. It is a Demon.

There is reencarnation for me(but it is more complex than evolution cicle theory or “karma” theory), or moving to other zones after death or remain in earth. But even that…that claim about Beelzebuth is total nuts.

What the hell was/is wrong with people like Samael Aun Weor.

Those books should be avoided, very avoided. Total trap. They wont work and will guide you into having the most boring life.

I agree, Samael Aun Weor it’s full poo poo, yet it catched my attention with the story of Belzebuub. I subscribed to his Astral Travel Lessons years ago, the stuff is ok, but he sure copied from another author (just like he did with Gurdjieff, Blavatski, Krum Heller…).

I saw some of his material copied in some english vampiric manual, dunno remember what it was, but it was related with a mirror evocation of the Guardian of the Threshold.

As said Samael Aun Weor = poo poo

I already can’t wait for the Mastering Soul Travel Course to come out. Maybe the most rewarding of the 3 GPS’s, in th long run, I think. This is an area I have a lot of work to do in, but I feel that it’s going to massively influence and help my personal evolution.

That sounds like total BS, BaalZebub is a Sumerian godform not some reincarnated black magician.

Thanks for the tip EA, I was about to ask you about summoning Baalzebub in another thread, but this pretty much took care of my question. hogshead it is.