What’s he like? I’m curious to know the experiences of ppl here. Really, I just want to know as much as possible about him.
He has been appearing to me a lot lately…


Well he appeared into my life… without me ever calling him and he tried to break my gaming addiction.

Let me tell you I wasn’t happy about that.


So he didn’t succeed :smile_cat:

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Legit Every time I knew he was doing something an occult name would appear in game at first it was beelzebub then Baelzebub then Lucifer. And Every time I knew I was going to lose lmao


Lol that’s quite funny yet annoying :joy_cat:


It was horrible but I see why he did it… I’m just incredibly stubborn… fucked up my record tho upset me quite abit lol


I’m also quite stubborn about some stuff… so I understand… :slight_smile: @RiseorDie
I wonder what can he teach me…?


I was with a friend before and we evoked him and he got her a raise.

He can teach you a lot


Bump :skull:

Beelzebub is the master of hypnosis. I only work with gods who come to me. They choose me. Beelzebub chose me because I’m a natural dancer undergoing a Kundalini awakenening, tapping into altered states of consciousness to understand the mysteries of social interaction. I am blessed to have found Beelzebub. He is the one who controls and commands the repetition, the buzz, whats in fashion, the fad, herd mentality is his creation. Putrefactory meat is his delight. Bees. BEEZ.

Fucking Beeszt.

Hypnosis. Habit. Ritual. Repetition. Neuro-linguistic programming arose out of his domain. He is the Lord of suggestion, vampiric compulsion, hints, glamour, novelty, thee eb and flow of culture. You would do good to learn trance and concentration techniques from Beelzebub.



He chose me as well many years ago. I never sought him. He reveals new aspects of himself to me daily. It’s wonderful. He is so many things. He can be dark and perfectly fine with revenge but also adores beauty, material success, earthly power, nature, embracing, quiet time together looking over our domain and future. He’s not afraid to fuck shit up and scream at you if you aren’t on the right track. He’s a king and I would expect nothing less from one so ancient . He is also a very patient teacher and encourages every step of the way. I have a thread dedicated to him which I need to update and then I will post a link.


Sounds like we have alot in common. The king and I :star_struck:

So. I’ll get a fly that sometimes just watches me. And i feel a tall shadowy presence that stands behind me in a fatherly way. Plus i once drew a succubus off an urge and named her Marcaria Beelze (marcaria means the blessed death but is also similar to my surname.)

I think he chose me after I died. (I died of hypothermia for somewhere between a few seconds to 2 minutes. Saw a place like Eden. But Uriel said it wasn’t my time and sent me back. I was about 6-8 years old) but I’m not 100% positive on it. If he did i want to learn whatever he can teach me. I get a very heavily parential feeling from the entity.

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