Beelzebub - What It wants?

Hi, so a bit of backstory!

I’ve surfed Beelzebub related posts on here and read other people’s experiences. I know the general consensus is to contact It to really find out what is going on, but I want to wait a bit.

I’ve received gifts in the form of bugs, mostly paper wasps, over the last few years and I can think of where It has minorly impacted my life. I have an altar for It where I place the gifts I receive plus a few of my own gifts.

So my question is:
If Beelzebub has reached out to you, why? What happened and how did it impact you? What was it about you that interested Beelzebub and made It want to contact/work with you?


I think he is. It seems something like him. @Dralukmun here knows a lot about beelzebub and can help you.

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Small tip demons and spirits don’t normally like being reffered to as it. He or she works just fine.


Beelzebub works closely with people who are truly dedicated to the satanic cause and want to be powerful in luciferian witchcraft

Beelzebub goity Beelzebub beity


…the satanic cause?

He mostly stares at me, and gives me advice when I’m being really stupid.


Thanks! I didn’t know that I appreciate the tip :slight_smile:

When a spirit comes to you, there can be many reasons why. There could be something specific they feel you need to learn, you could have worked with them in a past life or they could just be interested in you. The best way to know for sure is to work with them and either ask why they came to you if your senses are developed or to notice changes within yourself over time (which is where journaling is useful).

As for myself, please keep in mind that I am still in the trenches with working with Beelzebub. It appears we met eachother halfway, in terms that we both approached eachother at the same time. The main reason on my end was because I was stuck at a point where I kept getting knocked back into the same cycles and had failed multiple pathworkings with the four horsemen, the qlipoth and working with Baal. Beelzebub was interested in working with me out of interest, as well as figuring he had something to teach me about leadership, which is a role I tend to get thrown into in life.

Since I have began working with Beelzebub, many things have changed in my personality. I am generally calmer than I was before, which helps with making decisions thoughtfully both in my leadership role in my professional life and in my family life as the head of the household. When met with stagnation though, my will to shatter it has intensified and I approach it as an enemy, which helps to serve the changes I gained while working with Belial. As I throw myself deeper into Beelzebub, I find that my nonphysical senses have been increasing dramatically, to the point where I sometimes question if I am going mad. But that has been more of a byproduct than a goal on my end.

There is a development on how I approach Belial, Beelzebub and Baal. All are different examples of how one leads and can teach a certain aspect of each. Belial is a very passionate being and it fuels a drive that inspires others to follow him instead of him demanding it. Beelzebub leads through wisdom and using teaching as a way to lead, allowing others to blossom into beings that can go on independently of him. Finally, Baal takes both approaches and combines the passion and wisdom into something that can be applied into the example of leadership many assign to a king. Without mastery of both, the kingdom crumbles, which is my best answer to why I failed based on what I learned from Beelzebub.

I also was introduced to him to a tribe of spirits that I am still figuring out. Two of those members have became advisor spirits and I have grown closer to.

I do have a journal here that I keep record of my workings with Beelzebub and how I have been progressing since I began.

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Hi! First off thanks for responding so detailed to my post. I was going to pm you, but I don’t have that feature yet. So I’m really glad you responded here! Also, thank you for publicly journaling your experiences. I read some of it and will definitely be referencing your work as I go along.

On a personal note about myself and my work with Beelzebub, I have very limited experience working with him. However, I’ve been noticing his presence and “gifts” for a few years. Recently I was more directly approached by him, so I wanted to hear from others experiences before I really respond to him. I think I will just have to go for it and ask up-front what he’d like from me.

Again, thank for you for sharing your personal experiences! I definitely have a bit of a better idea on the kind of being Beelzebub is and the work he does. I do see Beelzebub as very formal and polite myself :slight_smile: I also appreciate the knowledge about how Belial, Beelzebub, and Baal are different.

I have been journaling on and off myself (privately by hand). If you’d like to talk to me more feel free!

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No problem at all :slight_smile:

And yes, he does appear formal and polite to me as well. He also has something in his eyes I have only seen from those are mourning, which suggests to me that while the ultimate goal of change is to let go of attachments, he does sympathize with the pain that can come from it. I noticed for me that he tends to wrap his presence around me when I call him as well. He is a very interesting spirit.

I will note that for me, i found that the need for discipline came up as i worked with him. His energy is intense as well as the things he teaches. It takes quite a bit of work to not only get used to it but really apply it so you may reap the fruits of the labor. Sickness is something that appears to be common for those who work with him, although internal conflict has played more of a role with me.

@Xag_darklight has had immense amounts of experience working with Beelzebub as well, with some very interesting insights that I would recommend checking out.

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This made me laugh so hard. That’s me and Azazel. I am like I don’t want to hear it. But I still have to hear it.

I personally contacted beelzebub once at summer start only to feel his energy i meditated offered insence stics and candles and i dismesed him he only told me when you want something focus and do it if it needs time give it time if it seems hard put it to sumbision and dominate it had a light headache for 2 days also a [email protected]@@ng cicadas got in the house and i couldent get it out at night it flew like crazy hitting the walls and making noise in the end i cought it with a cup and threw it to the tree then i started eating only fruits and almonds i wanted to start eating only healthy for a long time but never really did it well truth is i miss souvlaki i dident expect anything from beelzebub i was watching family guy and i sudently said i do it then his name started repeating to my head i havent called him again i do other things i do want it but i have the excuse of prioritys and not wanting sickness and stuff but i am greatfull

I have a question off topic . @Dralukmun If you dont mind me asking how would you describe those horseman spirits with few words ?

My experiences with them are limited, but to summarize, they are unlike anything I have worked with in the past. They seem void of human sympathy and their energy will tramble you if you are not prepared to handle it. One needs to be able to allow intense energy to flow through them instead of holding or submitting to the pressure before working with them. But I am aiming to get back on the horse with them after my time with Beelzebub is over, if you can pardon the pun.