Beelzebub dream

Last night i had a dream, full of symbolism.
I stayed in a summer house with my family. It had a beautiful garden with wild flowers in it. I was walking barefoot, the sun was shining, almost blinding. I noticed some bees in the high grass so i went inside the house because i didn’t want to risk getting stung. As i walked in i noticed that there was bees, wasps, flies - big and small as well as a spider who caught some flies inside the house. I had a little bird sitting on the right side of my head - as in my hair. It was eating the flying insects when they came near while the bird was not leaving my side. I was looking for the source of the insects because at this stage there was a lot, like nearly swarms of them coming from somewhere and it wasn’t outside. I looked up and noticed they came from the attic. In my dream we found out it was my Mum who left a piece of furniture there that she brought from her previous relationship. It was infested.
Next scene i remember there was a very handsome man offering his assistance. He reminded me of a posh waiter. The type you would expect in a french restaurant or a concierge. He was very well dressed and said to leave it to him. He will sort everything out and make sure the house would get exterminated - he said he contacted the police? For the best recommendation on pest control. He was so well spoken and very polite. I just remember looking into his eyes and seeing kindness. I thanked him and then the dream was over.

It’s not the first time I’ve been having this sort of dream. A few months back it was a similar one with bees, wasps and flies in a family home. I let them out by opening all the windows. That one was a two part dream and i met Marbas later on as a statue in my Dad’s room.

It just seems that Beelzebub has been trying to get my attention over the last few months. In dreams but also real life. Random small flies appearing in candle wax etc

I get the feeling he wants to help me but i don’t know with what. Not in tune with every spirit unfortunately.