Beelzebub appreciation thread

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But i dont feel like that
I really doubt it
Because i dont feel the same when i evoke them!
When i evoke beelzebub i feel like
“hello my son whats wrong?”
“hello bro long time no see! Cmon you can solve your own problem! Dont beg to me you are king/god remember?”

Belial is more practical direct action
When you feel worry or fear, evoke him and let belial influenced your life! And your fear will disappeared directly

Beelzebub he will give an advice like a father tell his son! “son you must be bla bla bla remember son im with you”
He is like lucifer
But lucifer will make you as his partner best friend etc
Beelzebub will make you like his son
Lol thats my experience


Please post on hynosis

I have a Holistic Hypnosis guide in my topics.

About Beelzebub’s vibe, yes: while contacting some Demons I felt a powerful sensation but with him it was “mild”.


I have had recent experience with Beelzebub imo he is connected also with Mammon or they at least work together both resemble greed pride and lust in demonology… I also keep seeing flies everywhere one came up next to me and didn’t move I waved it off and it flew away… he’s also known to go against Satan and have battles with him in hell…


Thanks LORD beelzebub for financial help
Your help was amazing
Many many and many customer come to my shop, and all my client are very very satisfied with my offer and service my financial blocking and obstacle has been removed, i still wait for more guidance from you for my new job

Thanks! Hail lord beelzebub!

I think i will make a long term pact with him
Guys he is amazing


Prince Enlil is very attentive, and his energy is so low key. I appreciate that he was guiding last night.

Hell yeah beelzebub prince of demons :smiling_imp:


Question: I see what looks like 2 different sigils separate from the main sigil of Beelzebub. What are those 2 seperate sigils?

Yes Beelzebub is really wonderful in all kinds of magic. He is also a Bringer of Death to the enemy of the mage who works with him

Beelzebub goity, Beelzebub beyty
[Beelzebub above, Beelzebub below].


A conjuring spell for Beelzebub is:



Another important Mantra to channel him
:heart: Beelzebub :heart:
Viborlal dendas tnasod Beelzebub



Invoked Beelzebub for the first time last January. Felt a calm & subtle presence though it was undeniable. Had earplugs in so that i could sense him better. Frankinsence & dragonsblood insence burning. After I activated his sigil i heard music similar to the opening credits of The Shining, & I also heard a slow groveled HA… HA… HA… HA… like in the old horror movies. Kept seeing the number 66 at work for the next few days & am still happy i made a connection with him.
Oh yeah, and after the invocation i noticed that i felt more caring (not in an empathetic kind of way) & accepting than i would usually be towards people at work. Like my perception of who they were was more open minded & not so stand off-ish or “stuck up”.


Or the name he gave when i asked what name he perferred to go by… BA’AL.


I did a ritual to him and made a blood pact with him afterwards I sign in blood my name and burned the pact. Afterwards, I felt VERY tired almost drugged feeling does this mean my pact was accepted? Does this mean he was there with me?

Short but effective sales speech :smile:


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Does anyone know where the sigil used in the compendium from?

Welcome @Weebles.Eru Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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