Becoming a werewolf ritual

I’m reading about Werewolves from book “Werevolves” by Elliot O’Donell. There is the ritual described how to co become one of them, but it includes killing an animal for harvesting the fat from it. I don’t want to sacrifice any living being for that, but I guess this the part of getting Trauma state. Can you recommend any other ways to achieve this without sacrificing any living being? BTW this the part of this ritual:

The supplicant then takes off his vest and shirt and smears his body with the fat of some newly killed
animal (preferably a cat), mixed with aniseed, camphor, and opium. Then he binds round his loins a girdle made of wolf’s-skin, and kneeling down within the circumference of the first circle, waits for the advent ofthe Unknown. When the fire burns blue and quickly dies out, the Unknown is about to manifest itself; if itdoes not then actually appear it will make its presence felt.

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Try M. T. H. O. S by William r wraithe or shifter’s bible by same author but I tell you one thing this is not what you think it is, I have not done it myself but the people and the writer himself have stated in his books that these are not the fairy tale stuff , this is not worth it , and its too risky , i am talking about live and death situation , you should instead try to connect with Wolves rather than becoming one , but you can do whatever you want
Good luck !


Well, my main goal for this research was jus getting physical power and strength. (All werewolves are the “heavy lift-builders” in the tranformation and magic world) I read in Goetia that Marbas can transform people in many different ways, but I didn’t info about if this includes also getting physical strength.

There are far easier, and more reliable, methods for obtaining your goal than wading through the morass of fiction and fantasy that make up the majority of shifter beliefs.

Chaos sigils, and hacking your bodiy’s adrenal system can provide both physical power and strength.


I think you are right. I’m new to this forum and I will be glad to get as much info and practice as possible.
Chaos sigils and hacking adrenal system is something that I didn’t hear before. I will look forward to know them.

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Pick up a copy of the book Inner Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood. It’s all about using magical techniques to hack the body. Learning to give yourself an adrenaline boost at will can provide all the physical power you will ever need. The human body is an incredible thing, and is capable of much more than we use it for, even without bringing any ideas from fiction or fantasy into it.

As for sigils, the creator of the technique, Austin Osman Spare, was known for using intentions like “It is my will to possess the strength of a tiger,” whenever he needed to lift something heavy.


Even in the nigh impossible chance it actually works, consider that if you are squeamish about killing something then maybe becoming a freaking werewolf isn’t for you.


The ritual mentioned has some bearings to things confessed during the werewolf trials in Europe back in the 16th century. However, I would not really trust that since pretty much all of the confessions came from victims that were going through the rack and the wheel. They would literally confess/say anything to get the pain to stop.


I think it is also important to point out that the herbs in the quoted ritual are all psychoactive, so the topical application of them would result in hallucinations. You would have the feeling of transforming into a wolf, but you wouldn’t actually have any physical changes, and you would lose any perceived strength increase once you came down from the trip.


Which of these werewolf actions seems appealing to you?

With DK that there are better ways to become strong.

Think of the worst cringe drunken blackout you ever had, realising you did dumb stuff in an altered state, then multiply that by quantum leaps of atrocity.


Look into the Ulfhednar of Norse Mythos/Culture.

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I have to say I’m curious im not familiar with wolf in magic currents aside from totems familiars guardians and energy of beings

The Ulfhednar are a type of Berserker. It’s sort of a genetic thing. You are born with it or you aren’t.

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I disagree personally but to each their own :+1:


It’s not exactly an agree or disagree thing. If you are going by surviving lore then the ability to incite the berserkergangr follows family lines. And it’s not something you can just learn and control. Those born with it who try to control it spend years mastering themselves to the point of it not taking over them when they don’t want it to.

I stand by what I said :wink:

And really, if I wanted to go to debate this (which I won’t) I never said he should be one, I said he should look into them. There’s a difference there.


I am reading the Inner Alchemy right now. In what order I should practice the exercises to make an andrenaline boost effective?

It doesn’t matter. The basic steps are to get into trance, send your consciousness into your body, ride a blood cell into your adrenal glands, use a visualisation to turn it on.

Another option would be to evoke Adrenaline in the same way Ellwood describes evoking his neurotransmitters.


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