Becoming a successful musician/hip-hop artist

I have a great voice. I know it sounds kinda cocky but I have only had two people ever tell me I can’t sing and neither had any musical background. Anyway I want to do music as my career but I don’t know how much work I need to do or where to start. The main problem I face is that I don’t want to use demons or spirits to make the art just to get it out there. I’m willing to do a pact if necessary seeing how this is a huge request. I’m also libertarian and first wave feminist in most of my views so I guess I will probably also need help getting past the sjw far left community. I’m open to any advice you all have. I’m also going to create a sound cloud after school today



You are a black magician nigga, NEVER LET ANYONE DICATE WHAT YOU CAN DO OR YOU CAN NOT :wink:

As far as music is concerned, I am a dumb fuck as a duck can be :rofl:

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos has a spirit Amsariah, he could help. Art is generally related to planet venus, Archangel Haniel could be helpful as well.

Music as career, thats great. But exactly what?? singer, guitarist, drummer, dancer?? Exactly what do you want to do?
You gotta figure that out before you can move forward :wink:

Great voice haan?? you gotta keep working on your throat chakra. Take singing classes :wink:

Hope it helps.

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@Turomir - aren’t you are great singer - what do you suggest?

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Lol ty guys so much

Well having a great voice only won’t get you ahead in the music industry ,it might sound shady but the truth is the industry is leaning more towards entertainers not musicians except if you’re Adelle that is.That is why celebrities like young thug make it despite having terrible voices ,simply because they are entertainers. What I mean is that in order to go big you need a talent to supliment your great voice I.e dancing .But the demonic world has a heavy hand in propelling artist to fame this no hidden fact ,take a case with drake who champions the "6 GOD " "6 MAN "its evident he gives praise to the said being in the lyrics simply because he granted him fame . Well I’d greatly advise Lucifer on this one but the you probably need an experienced mage to guide you on that because you can’t just summon Lucifer and be like " oh hey Lucy I wanna be famous " .
There are rituals purposefully for these kind of things , I guess try and PM a magician with deep knowledge on Luciferian magic for advise .Just remember nothing in magic comes free ,you need to give to gain ,and fame comes with immense power hence lots of rituals ,the price definitely will be steep all jokes aside.

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I did a post a while ago giving some ideas here:

If you focus on what you want and on making good music, above all, don’t worry about all potential ideological objections, just be true to yourself and stay open to evolution in your own views as you grow older, because that happens to everyone.

The non-SJW market currently has very few artists explicitly talking to them, since the mainstream have mostly sold out to a specific party line, so you could view this as your USP rather than an obstacle.