Becoming a Living God, and Remaining One Even After Death

At its basic core, the western Left Hand Path is about separating from the universal consciousness/nature/however you wish to term it, whereas The Right Hand Path’s end goal is ego death, followed up by unity with the universal consciousness.

So, from a Left Hand Path perspective, it is quite possible to become a discarnate god-like entity. I’m genuinely interested in this concept, but more often than not, people say that is not possible for a human to become a god, or at least a powerful entity such as a Demon King (or a Duke) or an Archangel, because these beings are apparently a completely different species.

I beg to differ.

During my practices, I had not too long ago asked Asmodeus about this concept. He replied by giving me an analogy - just like humans and other species of animals share genetic similarities, and thus are connected in this sense, entities such as deities, demons, angels, elementals, and what have you, share energetic similarities.

“We’re not that different, after all,” is what he said afterwards.

He also said that one’s own “rank” (I would assume he’s referring to ranks of a hierarchy, demonic, angelic, or otherwise) is determined by the spiritual potency of that person.

In other words, the more you develop spiritually in this world, in this realm, the stronger you will become in the astral realm as well, not just in this world for as long as you’re alive.

This all can be tested by simply evoking or invoking a powerful person who has passed away. Say, for instance, Buddha. You should notice that their energy is different from that of the entities you worked with. It could be as powerful, but not as explosive or intense. By this I mean, you can sense that it’s powerful, but it’s not overwhelming (an example of powerful yet not intense is the energy of Lucifuge, which you can tell is powerful, but it’s reserved at the same time so it does not overwhelm you).

What are your thoughts on this? This is my first time asking a community of black magicians this question; I mostly discussed this with religious people or occultists from another website, which are very RHP.


I don’t know enough about the deeper knowledge of lhp or rhp to say what is what. I plan to become a powerful being like the outsider, for example, I want to stay and help and educate the world as part of my goal as a immortal

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A blood-relative of mine, who is now known as Varnaxis, accomplished exactly this - this post should cover most of the details:

Other people on here (and in my offline life) have worked with him and got results.

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Ah, brilliant! I myself am going to embark on this journey, this long-term project.

Thank you for sharing this!