Becoming a Heathen

So let me give you guys a little story on the tales of today, I purchased a rune set the other day I dont know why but I did after I did it I decided to try out the Norse Current.

So me being me I asked for alittle help on how to get started from my good friend King Paimon, I invoked/Evoked (whatever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) into my tea and asked for knowledge into initiating my self into the Norse Current.

A few hours afterwords I don’t know why but I had a need to go out into my woods to a little opening someone previously used as a camping site, it was dusk I seen the full moon and the sun didn’t realize it but today was (for me) a perfect day to do this.

So I start building me a fire and as I am doing so I hear (what I’m going to take as) a Raven. The fire didn’t want to start so again don’t know why but I commanded it to light in the name of Odin, and guess what writhing 2 mins I had a roaring bonfire.

Again don’t know why I did it but I was compelled to take my shirt of while I sat there staring into the fire (tried to record a video but accidentally took a picture even tho I’m 80% sure I hit record) as I sat there calling forth Odin to initiate me into his path the wind picked up when I commanded him to show himself and legitimately were inches away from myself if it was recording you guys would have seen it, it with right above my phone surprised it didn’t burn it honestly.

After I got done Calling and asking for him I stood there and watched the fire burn down and again (I believe) I heard another Raven. Then I sat there “Odin I call upon you Thor and Freya guide me to this path” the next thing I know I’m in Valhalla standing before him and the others I called he said he accepted me into his ranks, and that I have an ally in him

After that I feel more like a man now then I ever have for alittle bit afterwords I felt like I could take on anyone and anything in my path.

@asbjorntorvol what do think about this
And anyone else that wants to comment let me know what you think.


This is awesome! :slight_smile:


Holy shit the synchronicitys I decided to learn more about them so I decided to watch a video and the first thing I found was Koetting’s

Where asbjorn talks about if it doesn’t want to be seen it won’t :joy:


This is a thing :expressionless: during half my rituals any electronics i try to use for ANYTHING in the area flip their shit hardcore. It’s a pain when you wanna incorperate tech with magic.


In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “you have taken your first steps into a larger world” lol couldn’t resist.

It sounds like a good start, but what I will say is that as you explore this current and pathworking you will find yourself uncomfortable very quickly. When I first came to the Norse path, things were great at first, but not long after making my commitment was when things started to become chaotic. Now don’t get me wrong that chaos is necessary. It will pave a way for new things to come through.

The Gods typically in my experience will make you feel like an honored guest, and then they will hurl challenges and tests at you that you may not be prepared for. Its a tough road but a rewarding one.

My suggestion would be to take a look through the Havamal and some of the popular norse myths to get an idea of the Gods you want to work with.

Take a written note of your experiences and findings but also the conditions they happen in. So lets say you do a ritual on a mountain. Take note of the time, weather etc Some synchronicities are subtle to the point taking a note is how you will spot them.

Additionally, feel free to ask me any questions if you need a push in the right direction.