Become obsessed with the king of hell

Good day is there someone experiencing like my experience dont know like for example im obsessed on him on this day. And then the after day, i will not think about him like my attention is in something else. Like after a week i think on him again like im obsessed on him again like i have the feeling that he can help me. And it happens to me vice versa. And sometimes, in my christian friends. Im protecting him. Like i told them lucifer is not bad at all. And sometimes im telling them like a joke that im lucifer. Im a king of hell you know what joke is when it comes to friends. Kindly share your thoughts about whats happening on me and kindly tell me why i become obssesed on Lucifer thanks.

Lol, the obsession is purely from you, I used to pray to him daily and was a little obsessed too, but I’m working on not obsessing too much, it’s good you are defending Lucifer to your Christian friends, but I wouldn’t joke about being the Lord of Hell, but that’s just me.

You are obsessing because it’s just you obsessing, if you think about him that much, you should pray to him, he answered my prayers in the past


That is so awesome!!! Starting the day with the King of Hell :heart: there is beauty and grace in the names of Satan and Lucifer and all of the Pandemonium :heart_eyes:


You might just have an obsession with him, you’re human it’s not rare for humans to go through phases and this might simply be a phase or an obsession that will lead to you working with him.


I really appreciate your answers guys. But anyways if i will gonna summon lucifer, do i need to make a protection circle?

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The normal one is West Leviathan, South Satan, East Lucifer and North Belial. But if you summon Lucifer than you can call Beelzebub at East.