Become a vampire

So is there a spell I can do to awaken my vampiric self? My mom told me were descended from vampires but idk if it’s like a passed down through generations thing

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get the book “the psychic vampire codex” and it will teach you the basics of psychic vampyrism.


What has she done to awaken hers? Or anyone else in the Family?

You sure it’s not Renfield’s syndrome? You’re better off learning predatory vampirism.

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Begin living (or not living) as a Vampire. You may also want to consult BAEL.


Not psychic sanguine

That’s what I.meant

I’ve talked about turnings and such here, and his may answer your questions. How does one actually become a vampire

If you already have vampiric ancestry, there’s really no reason you should feel the need to become a vampire, as you already are in part. I would explore that ancestry if I were you.

Edit: I seemed to have misread the OP, apologies. If you are looking to get in touch with your vampiric side, you can meditate outside at night, feel the nocturnal energies around you, and just be. But, you probably already are in tune with it. I’d observe your thoughts and behaviors. Make note of those thoughts and feelings that are more predatory in nature, how you react to blood (if sanguine) without consciously trying to make yourself react, etc.

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