I was reminded that there are a lot of people who feel ugly, including people who don’t sound ugly, don’t look ugly, what even is ugly? To me true ugliness comes from within and I know that I have inner garbage to detox myself of but right now I want to take this opportunity to address barriers that would make one appear ugly to ones self, and how I think they can be overcome. The world wants you to think that your beauty is dependent on all kinds of things. Your diet, your body type, your skin, your hair, whether or not you have any. ‘How else will they sell their products, articles, and services?’ is what I figure the worlds logic is. Cast aside the worlds definition of beauty and then your left with your perception. See yourself with confidence. Visualize how you want to look and try to look at yourself as though you already look that way. If you cant, keep working at it because once you have seen to any extent that it can be done it becomes easier to do from my experience. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of problems with my body or my face but I did used to have some and I saw that I could make myself more attractive to myself by projecting such will as I would look at myself. To somewhat exaggerate this point I told a girl with a relatable sense of humor to mine “Masturbate to yourself!!! Keep looking at yourself and masturbating!!! I did it to me…” Which is true, I did and admittedly I kind of take pride in having done so. You don’t have to go there, but a thin girl with bad vibes will not turn me on. I told her “so does fat on a guy turn you off?” Trying to get my point across that fat doesn’t turn us off either. Look inside, good people feel ugly, and those same people with whatever ‘turnoff’ they have about them is far outweighed by their good heart. And the same beauty that radiates from within is so much more desirable than a ‘flawless’ face or what-have-you. Look at your positives. Flaunt them to yourself and others. Don’t listen to people who wanted to tear you down. Say good things about yourself as you approach and attain orgasm. In this state your guard is down, making it easier to re-program yourself, accept compliments to yourself, build confidence in yourself… I wanted there to be a post for this kind of dialogue. Teal Swan does better than me at reprogramming yourself during orgasm.

I would highly recommend her videos even just to bounce ideas with, but I cant do them justice right now, I want people to feel free to share their own advice or experience here. Or struggles, whatever it is you feel to contribute. I’ll see y’all soon…peace x)