Bears and Tigers and... Dinosaurs? Oh my

Hi guys. As some of You may know, I am on active path of shapeshifter. So far my forms revealed themselves to be a polar bear, a white-black tiger, a white falcon and a striped hyena… But recently something interested happened… Keep in mind that I have only been in contact with the energies of these animals so far and a full physical shapeshift hadn’t occured yet… Yesterday I was trying to train my energetic shield… And it assumed a form of a large triceratops dinosaur over my body… I was shocked and I still am… I know that dinosaurs used to be guardians and rulers if Earth in ancient times, but now they are long time gone… Is that possible to shapeshift into a form of an animal that is no longer living? A dinosaur? It seems as far fetched as it can be, but… Idk… Idk really… What are Your thoughts guys? Maybe You can provide some insight… The shape I had seen over my body looked much like that, allthough head and horns were the only body parts I was able to make out… What do You guys think? :astonished:
(Edited for a pic representation)

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