Bats in a dream

what are the entities associated with Bats? what would mean a dream where you prepare,cut and eat Bats and also theres a huge table of other beings waiting to eat

I remember Lilith being associated with bats. Hekate is. So is Persephone and most underworld queens. Selene. Namaah.


is there a hidden meaning in the act of eat them? ( in a dream in this case )

Let’s check online dream journals. Be right back.

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i didn’t find anything saying about the act of eating them in a dream but es i know that the symbolism is very strong,normally the things get latent when they are in my dreams

I couldn’t find anything about eating then either but usually the symbolism will come out the same

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when i saw the first manifestation of a spirit i was visited by the Bats and the whole thing got latent and insane for long days,i was only curious because i was kind of surprised that they were being used as food in the dream
do you have any experience related to Bats,maybe some memory from the past that you can share?

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Well, if the bat is in association with an entity, consuming it would be like invoking their energy. That’s my best guess is that you’re basically consuming an entity’s energy.

I may be dead wrong, but eh, like I said, that’s just my best guess.

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No. I’ve never worked with them as an animal totem. I know what they’re related to but that’s itm

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i found the answer,was the King Belial,ty guys