Bastet Logs

Another goddess who is seemingly always around me for some reason.
Bastet I first found back in my Christian days when everything terrified me. Then I forgot all about her-I knew only of her name as Bast from Black Panther.

By the beginning of my path in October when I was introduced to the Norse gods and the Norse path, I stuck to it. Then, I eventually went through a very tough break-up on me in the beginning of November. So tough it took me 6 months to get over.

So, by the middle of November I was stuck in a pit. I never saw any way of getting out of it, friends teased me for being a witch, I lost someone I thought I was in love with and in the end, I closed myself off from everything in the world.

What does this have to do with Bastet? Well, in November I began to learn of the God self. (And also had to deal with Shax following me around as well). I started seeing hieroglyphs in my vision beginning off with the helios.

I had been in contact with Djehuti for some time and he started to help me understand more of myself. Djehuti acts to me like a mentor/big brother. I asked about the glyphs I was seeing and he replied with this
“I cannot tell you what the glyphs mean for you, only help you to understand for yourself”

Soon after, I was given an Ankh that I placed in my heart. The glpyhs I had been seeing were giving me a message, “You are a god, you must awaken”. In the sense, I needed to realise what my god form was. Upon further work, these were the Egyptian gods that appeared before me.

Ra, Isis, Osiris, Neith, Bastet, Djehuti and Anubis.

From the beginning of my path, I took upon the name Mani-it’s the old Norse word for Moon and also the god of the moon. Turns out, my god form goes by two names. Mani and Khonsu.

Those seven who appeared before me were giving me a chance to see that. It was then on, I learnt something else. Whether or not it is true.

I had done research into what Khonsu was, all available info I could find on him and I had learnt, his wife was Bastet. From then on, Bastet never left my side, no matter what. It was strange because I began to ask myself
“Is she a tulpa? Is this real? Did I create this because of my heartbreak?”

And here I am still, with Bastet still around me, treating me as a spouse for some reason. She fancies having more kids again for some reason.

I’ll log more from what I’ve seen eventually.


I was jus wandering if someone can summon Bastet, because I like her a lot. I’m newby, so can I ask how you see them? Usually when I search for some god there is some sigil behind him/her and I didn’t find it for Bastet…

Ancient Gods don’t have sigils. Best way to summon her is to use a depiction of her along with a prayer or dedication to her. Usually a depiction of her will be that of the Egyptian Mau. She is often times very motherly and kinda playful. Though, I have seen someone make a sigil for her before, it looks like this

My vision of bastet closely appears like these


Thank you very much :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I started to read your thread when my cat came and put her two paws on my chest and look me in the eyes, i told her “i will do it” and then lay down and sleep.

She is ill and I thought about calling Bastet to heal her.


What did you mean by “I will do it?” as in, you would call Bastet to help heal her?

One thing I can say as well is, all animals are especially drawn to me for some reason but for some reason, Cats are an animal that are always drawn to me. I’ve always had a way with cats even though I’m more of a dog myself.

More over my dreams
In my life during adolescence two dreams have stood out to me the most. One where I was a Shinx and I kissed/nuzzled another and someone over saw and I said “Do not tell anyone”

The second one was more complex-especially in my Christian days. I was on a bus and I met a girl, for some reason it felt like I knew this girl before and we ended up going on a date soon after we got off the bus and I said “Wait, tell me your name” and I heard one of two things:
“I’m Bast” or “I’m Baal” and for years I thought it was Baal because in 2018 I heard the name “Hosea” who as a prophet of the old testament opposed the worship of Baal

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Yes thats it, i have to call her and ask her to heal my cat.


I hope Bastet will help her :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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