Basic Ritual to use in Circle

Hi all

What is the basic ritual I can use in my circle to do my first evocation? I read about it somewhere but can’t remember.



What do you mean? There are a ton of basic rituals you can do if you’d like. LBRP, Star Ruby, Middle Pillar, Invocation of Omnipotence, etc. Aside from that just get down in the dirt so to speak and do the evocation. Even if you fail, you’ll have taken that first step from the armchair to the battlefield.

If you have Evoking Eternity you can find the basic circle casting. After the Invocation of Omnipotence draw the circle on the ground with a dagger or your finger by getting the energy to flow from you to the ground. Then once completed speak your intent to create a circle that does ____

The nine main steps of evocation are covered in the free seminar on EA’s channel.