Basic Energy Profiling and its uses for Vampyrism and Energy Work

Greetings, lovely people.

After deliberating for quite some time, I have decided to make a thread with some general guidance about energy profiling and how it can empower our energy work practice, as well as vampyrism.

I will try to be as less political as I can be, as well as not judging or involving ethics in this, so please take this into consideration before feeling offended or targeted.

The information that will be exposed is a mix of theoretical knowledge I have gathered from different cultural views about energy, as well as my experience as a born vampire.

I will try to keep complex concepts very simple, avoiding as much terminology as I can, to ease the reading.

Some of the terminology can be quite contradictory (terminology wise and what it covers) so don’t take it personally if you see a term that you believe it means something else. I am trying to make this as easy to understand as possible.

First of all, I would like to clarify that this thread will be focused on the use of non ritualistic vampyrism. This is the one that is done without the need of a ritual, being as quick and natural as breathing (tentacles and tendrils ring a bell?).

Ritualistic vampyrism can still benefit from this thread’s information, but obviously will require more deliberation before starting to make the most use of it.

But, what is "energy profiling"? I call Energy Profiling to the quick or slow act of scanning oneself’s energy as well as the potential victim’s energy (whether the victim consented or not).

Energy profiling is the prior knowledge of the energy you are going to be dealing with (own and someone else’s) that will take the most out of your energy working/vampyric practice, allowing a shortcut to your own individualised alchemical process and empowering you with less effort than without profiling.

Profiling our own energy:

-People have got their own individualised mix of different energetic elements.

-Elements as in the ones we use in magic (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) are quite related to all of this, and this is not a surprise, having been studied for centuries, being the Theory of the Four Humours by Hippocrates an example of this.

-People tend to have one main element being expressed in the body, and another one in their energetic field.
-This is also influenced by the gender, the sex we are born with and many other factors related to how our body work and whether we have certain illnesses or prior energy work from past lives.

-There are plenty of theories from all around the world about the elements Earth and Air, but in my experience, these elements are hybrid energy wise, and we all have them equally due to having a body and breathing.

To make things extremely simple, I will profile people in 2 categories:

Yin Category:
-The feminine, the dark, water, blood, passive, receptive, emotions, moon.

-A high percentage of this energy will make the holder more prone to being under-energised and under-active, highly likely with a low libido.

-Women tend to have more yin energy than men both in their body energy and their auric field. This usually is reflected on women who identify themselves as women gender wise, although the latter tend to have a more mixed energy, which is not a bad thing, a I will explain later.

-This type of energy is mostly focused from the heart chakra/middle dantian above, and its energy can be compared to the one of the kunlun/Shiva.

-I am aware that Shiva is a male deity, but there is a reason to which this type of energy (which can be activated and enhanced) has got a male name. I will explain this below.

Yang category:
-The masculine, light, fire, active, sexual fluids, giver, action, Sun.

-A high percentage of this energy will make the holder more prone to being overenergised and overactive, highly likely with a very high libido.

-Men tend to have more yang energy than women both in their body energy and their auric field. This usually is reflected on men who identify themselves as men gender wise, although the latter tend to have a more mixed energy, which is not a bad thing, a I will explain later.

-This type of energy is mostly focused from the root chakra to the solar plexus/lower dantian above, and its energy can be compared to the one of the Shakti/kundalini.

-I am aware that Shakti is a female deity, but there is a reason to which this type of energy (which can be activated and enhanced) has got a female name.

Regardless of your gender, we all have both these energies, but one tends to be prevalent.

Every person needs to focus on working (and draining) the energy they lack in order to progress in their alchemical process, to balance the poles, and their energetic field/soul (bear in mind the concept of soul is so wide I will not even stop to explain this).

If for you this means choosing a magical partner to work together in sex magic, it is very important to choose someone who can counterbalance your type of energy well.

Transgenders and people who identify as a different gender to the sex they are born with (or even gender fluid) have got special needs, as they can have a different mix of both energies, which will mean they will need to adapt their practice to get a balanced working and drainage of both types of energy in order to strengthen themselves.

This can happen even to people who identify as the gender associated with the sex they were born with.

Another factor to take into consideration is the magical and occult influence that our practice can have in our energy. Someone who works with a specific deity whose energy category is very clear will have already more influence from this energy than any other, regardless of how they were born.
Also, life events can modify slightly the way energy is stored and created, so your own energy can change over the course of your life.

You can profile yourself in an easy way analysing your patterns, your body, scanning your own energy and expressing this through a percentage of % Yin and % Yang, to keep things simple, and track your progress as you work with energies.

We will tend to be more attracted to the energy that we lack the most, as a natural impulse and instinct to balance our energy. This also reflects in the way the body reacts to obtaining/releasing energy if they need to.

This also affects how born vampires drain, and should also affect how people who have not been born vampire but want to vamp for their own benefit.

Born vampires whose main predominant energy is Yin:
-They will tend to drain from yang predominant holders with energy overload.

-Preferred energy: sexual energy/sexual drainage and sexual fluid gathering, energy obtained through physical direct drainage using physical contact or touch. Kundalini practice.
Practice with energy related to fire/Sun predominant elements/deities.

If you are not a born vampire and your predominant energy is Yin, you will benefit from draining this way.

Born vampires whose main predominant energy is Yang:

-They will tend to drain from yin predominant holders (ideally with energy overload, but in this case this can be harder to find).

-Preferred energy: blood related energy drain (through consumption or other forms), emotional vampyrism, drainage targeting the victim through dreams. Kunlun/Shiva practice. Practice with energy related to water/Moon predominant elements/deities.

-If you are not a born vampire and your predominant energy is Yang, you will benefit from draining this way.

Note: Plain energy drain without a purpose tends to be neutral unless there is a more complex and advanced energy profiling with a specific focus on certain areas and targets.

What makes a born vampire different?
Born vampires have a natural deficiency (sometimes deliberate and chosen from another lives in exchange of some leverage regarding the use of energy and other sort of abilities) that allow them to be more “emptier”, therefore having a leverage regarding the % of energy categories they want to achieve. They are like half empty batteries.

This category does not automatically include people who tend to be just “yin” predominant, or people that due to genetic defects/illnesses/diseases feel depleted, as these can create the deficiency and in this case it will be of a sinister consequence rather than being helpful.
These non born vampires will benefit from draining to replenish their healthy energy but they will need to work focusing on healing and extra cleansing of the energy, now that illnesses and old age carry a very specific type of energy that can be toxic and detrimental.

A non born vampire:
They do not lack energy, and therefore their “batteries” are full, making it harder to achieve a more balanced approach generally, so grounding and releasing excess energy (if that is an issue) will be a key part of their energy workings prior to deciding to drain or work with the targeted category of energy.

Conclusion: Energetic profiling is important, as it allows us to create a shortcut to our work, can help us predict the type of blockages we are prone to have, and the areas or energetic nuclei that require more attention in our practice, allowing us to have a healthier energetic system.

Hope you liked it. I would appreciate your opinion and comments below.


This is a very interesting and illuminating post bud. I have a few questions though:

I have no idea how to do this. I know how to ground and project energy, but have no idea how to scan or profile. Perhaps you can elaborate sometime?

I was wondering, if this is the case, then how does one use energetic vampyrism banefully as a non-born vampire? What I mean to ask is multifaceted, so here goes;

  • Say I wanted to weaken an opponent utilizing energetic vampyrism to weaken their energetic body, if I want to extract death or sick energy from one target, with the intention of using that as the means to weaken them, would I have to use this energy immediately? Or could I store it in some form of object that would store this energy, hopefully without losing potency, to use at another time? If I could store it in an object, which kind?

  • You say our batteries our full, but that we can still drain energy that we need for the sake of balance, my question is, would this require the expulsion of those you have in excess? Or, does one simply drain what you need, and the energetic body balances itself, and does the energetic body perhaps become more dense or powerful if you don’t expel the excess energy? Sorry, don’t have experience with this, so might be asking a stupid question.

You should probably write a book regarding this subject, and go into specifics regarding the practices for both born and non-born vampires. Obviously I will be expecting a free copy. :grin::+1:


Bookmarked. :black_heart:


Energy profiling require a lot of work to be able to learn how to identify your own energy, other people’s energy and the energy surrounding you (nature, different places, etc.).
This can take a while until you are comfortable enough to rely on your abilities to be able to scan.
You should start by focusing your energy to your palms, and putting them very close together (or not so much) and feel the pulsating vibration of your energy.
You can also work with feeling the energy of certain parts of your body, or working with learning how to feel the chakras energy.

TBut for simple energy profiling (without relying on your scanning ability) you can make sure you understand the basic concepts very well, in order to be able to identify tangible and measurable signs of certain energy categories.

To put an example…

A yin predominant person will tend to have some (if not all) of these traits (to name some):

-Will tend to be a woman, or have a feminine gender.
-Will have lower body temperature or cold limbs.
-Is likely to have issues regarding under-active organs (like the thyroid), or problems with fatigue.
-Will tend to have a more laissez faire attitude, or passive attitude.
-Will tend to have more synchronicity with water or the moon.
-Will tend to have a calmer demeanour.

A yang predominant person will tend to have some (if not all) of these traits (to name some):

-Will tend to be a man, or have a masculine gender.
-Will have warmer body temperature and feel sweaty frequently.
-Is likely to have issues regarding over-active organs (like the thyroid), or problems with anxiety, too high sex drive or hyperactivity.
Will tend to have a more aggresive /active attitude.
-Will tend to have more synchronicity with fire and the sun.
-Will tend to have a more anxious or impulsive demeanour.

This is a generalisation but can give off a lot of hints that tick off the basic boxes of “energetic manifestations” of certain energetic profiles.

First of all, in this hypothetical scenario, from what you tell me, I gather that the target is someone with some toxic/Death/disease energy in their body.
If that is the case, the best option to perform baneful vampyrism would be to drain the healthy energy out of them and let their own “Death energy” intoxicate them and the newly processed energy.

Handling death/toxic/dirty energy can be very dangerous and put us ourselves at risk of health issues, deterioration or even death, so to be able to do so in the safest way possible, you need to have an extensive knowledge of healing, energetic barriers and necromancy (basically being very used to dealing with detrimental energy yourself to feel comfortable enough to play with “fire” without being scared of burning).

But let’s think of the hypothetical situation in which you want to steal that toxic energy from the person in order to target a healthy subject with baneful purposes.
In this latter scenario you can either store it yourself or transfer it to an appropriate container.
This is as I said very dangerous if you are not fully certain of how to do it without being certain that you will not sabotage yourself.

Appropriate containers for death energy can be rotten dead plants, certain crystals (they tend to be black and be good storing negative energy, but it harder to remove it from them, quartz, etc)graveyard dirt, any item or stones from a graveyard, or even rotten food or flesh.

Death energy can be also used for self transformation and healing, by promoting the Nigredo phase that comes prior to the Solve and the Coagula, but the handling of the energy is too dangerous for someone unsure of how to handle it, and therefore I recommend it strictly to advanced energy workers or necromancers.

First of all, we need to clarify what is “body energy”.

There are two types of energy that all of us have:

-Physical body energy: I associate it with the meridians explained and used in traditional medicine. Some people call it prana, and it exists as long as we are alive.

-Astral energetic body: I associate this body with the system of energy of the Daoist Dantians, the use of Shakti/Shiva energy and more refined/spiritual vibrational work.

-Note that I associate the chakra system with the spine, and I reckon from experience that the chakras are a natural link between the physical and the astral energetic body, being able to associate emotions and organs to them, but being more refined that the prana from the body.
This explains why some chakras are similar to the location of the Dantians and its energy refinement process.

To be able to answer your question I would be starting to leave basic concepts behind, but just to clarify very quickly and simply, born vampires only have deficiency on the physical body but not the astral (which in exchange has got less energy but it is highly concentrated and more highly vibrational than a non born vampire person).

A non person with deficiency will have a lower vibrational energy in the astral energetic body in a normal quantity (in general) but a very low physical energetic body due to Death energy intoxicating the “usable” energy. The case of energy associated with cancer is slightly different but that would be a subject for a whole new threat.

So to answer the question, as a non born vampire, if you don’t have deficiencies due to illness or a very high yin influence, then yes, you will have to ground and get rid of the excess energy to be able to drain and balance out your percentages. Otherwise you will get a detrimental excess that will create some health issues.

There is not a single stupid question if it is made with respect and without the purpose of trolling or taking the piss.

I hope my reply helped.

Hahahaha. I am not sure whether people would really be interested in this subject to be honest.


Thanks for this contribution. I bookmarked it some of the best information on the subject of vampryism I’ve seen on the forum so far.


Is there a way to target specifically the healthy energy? Also, if there is not, is there some way, a type of crystal for example, through which you drain the energy to filter out the non-healthy energy so as to only receive the healthy energy?

So I can just store it in a graveyard stone and it won’t “leak”? If it does leak, are you aware of a container that doesn’t? Like a type of crystal or wood?

This does answer my question thank you. However, could storing elemental excess energies in stones or crystals related to the particular element empower magical ritual?

Many people are interested in this information, don’t be dissuaded, you just happened to make this post at a very busy time.

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When transferring energy to a container how do you transfer just the energy you want to transfer. In @anon47811056 case the death energy? Or does what you take in taint all your energy until it is cleaned. In that case I suppose you would transfer energy into the object then clean what is left over inside you.

If it is the latter is there a cue that you know you have transfered it all? Is there an immediate noticeable shift in your energetic field where you know all has been transferred. I know you would still want to clean afterwards to get rid of any you may have missed so I may just be splitting hairs here.

I am really low energy and there is alot I want to accomplish but being tired all the time is wearing me down. I have been considering vamprysm for a while to help and thanks to you, purple, and a couple of others it seems to be a topic that is front and center right now.

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