Basic demon questions

There are two things that I have been reading here over and over which brought to my mind two questions:

  1. Some people summon demons for a simple thanks or just to know them, basically to simple chat. Will that not annoy them considering that they may be busy with important stuff or actual requests? Or are they so powerful that they can form a high amount of avatars and talk to multiple people at once without any problem?

  2. What do demons get out of helping us? Some rituals have offerings which make sense, they get the offerings in exchange but I have often read of demons helping without even a proper ritual or offerings. Why would they do that?


^ That’s what I was told by several different types of spirit, yes.

Why would anyone reply to another person on a forum asking for time, help, energy and attention? :smiley:

Power and knowledge like to be expressed, and most living forms, including spirits, like to interact with beings who are not themselves.


I have to admit; that’s got to be one of the most mysterious aspects about evocation for me.

My theory:

  1. The spirits are never fully in our presence. Maybe there’s some kind of channeling happening on their end.

So they channel their essense through other spirits or similar energy currents; like how a ghost would be channeled through a medium on our plane.

  • Eg. Spirit — Host entity | Ritual – Us
  1. Or, it doesn’t have to be that complex. They could simply send other demons in their place without the channeling.

I know this idea won’t be people’s favorite because it takes away from how personal of an experience it is, and assumes there’s some deception; but it clears up the confusion for me.

I know for a fact they can’t be omnipresent because of people sometimes experiencing being rushed in their interactions with these beings.


I’m going to share my opinion.

  1. Spirits appreciate this. Nowadays a ton of people want to summon them just to get something for free or little payment and then forget about the Spirit. Now these thank yous and meet and greets help you build a relationship with the Spirits you are working with, by honoring them you are showing you appreciate their work and them.

  2. Many things ranging from offerings to public credit. Sometimes they just like you enough to help you. Also I think they get more powerful even by helping us with mundane issues,however this does not mean that a Spirit will “grant all your wishes”.


I believe that the magician creates the construct for the consciousness in an evocation. And since all is mind and the universe is mental, I have a suspicion that consciousness is infinite, or at the very least capable of self-replication.

Most spirits are not Jesus Christ, the Martyr, who freely give to everyone who asks. Most spirits definitely have an ulterior motive, and are looking to get something out of the contact. Perhaps they’re looking for more energy in the form of offerings, perhaps they have long term goals and helping you accomplishes that. Only they know why they’re helping us.