Baron Samedi's Message to Those Suffering Mental Illness

I have the same issues but I’m 99% sure I’m bipolar but I haven’t gotten a diagnosis for that one yet so I suppose we’ll see. My depression is genetic as far as I know and I share your issue of not having enough seratonin in my brain. Medication so far has made me really dull and foggy so I prefer natural alternatives (viva Colorado!) but they haven’t been working lately. I wish you the best and Godsp- I mean Satanspeed.


Baptism is symbolic of death and resurrection. When you enter into magic, you already are raised. I would suggest whatever mental illness you are experiencing, you try to deal with it naturally. My “illness” was because I had been miserable in the place I was with the people I was with. I got out of there and was “miraculously cured”! All of a sudden, high blood pressure, weight problems, reproductive organ issues all soon vanished. Your illness may be from something you don’t want to face. Raising yourself from the dead would mean facing it. (Not committing a crime of course, just facing whatever situation in your life that has gotten you here and making a change.)


IMO, malevolent spirits are most times not very malevolent. It really depends on how you see them.


If i could do it you can as well. PM me if you need advice i did it already.

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Bumping cause It’s a GOOD Message to remember.

Crowley was arguing these very points years ago. I would commend you to read “The Myth of Mental Illness” by Thomas Saaz before ascribing labels. One mans “illness” maybe be another’s “ascent”.


@FraterMagni very inspiring. I wish you all the best.

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I’m quite certain that depression is usually linked to low dopamine rather than low serotonin. The former is the “wake up, fuck the day, feel motivated and enjoy things” chemical, the other is more connected to wakefulness, energy, obsessions (OCD ruminations, etc). The pharmaceutical industry puts people on “antidepressants” but the class of medication they use (SSRI) has MUCH greater efficiency in treating OCD than depression. There’s a huge volume of research out that consistently shows placebo is more likely to help a depressed person than an SSRI will unless you have the type where you’re exhausted instead of living in “grey world.”

I lived here for a while and what helped me was:

  • attack doses of Vitamin D ~3,000 - 5,000 IU per day until you get a metallic taste in your mouth. (Or even just sun exposure, I didn’t see the sun for 3 months working graveyards at Dominos)
  • Kratom. MIRACLE PLANT!!! I like green and white vein strains for mood and motivation. Reds are great but they’ll zen you out too much if used too often. Been on this stuff for 3 years and it’s a life changer. You can get kilos from sources on Reddit for around $75. Worth. Every. Penny.
  • L-Tyrosine. Play with this one, it’s what your brain makes catacholamines out of and it sounds like you don’t produce enough. Get the building blocks in and you’ll notice it day 1.

I’m a biochemist for a research company so if you or anyone else has any questions I love digging into this kind of stuff. Hope you’re feeling more color in your world now that winter has passed. Try these out if you’re still looking, they’re subtle yet powerful.



Merci Papa!!


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Many have asked the same question over the years

Absolutely beautifully said!

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Thank you and Baron Samedi for this thread :purple_heart:

I was very ill over some years (brain tumors and after that uterus tumors) and I died a few times for a few seconds and came back again during and after operations.

Sounds crazy but it helped me a lot with my anxiety of dying because it was peaceful. All the pain was gone, just peace was left.

Since than I see death as a friend which will finally take me when my time has come and it‘s ok. But it‘s not ok to behave like death when I am not. Something I learned and am still learning from Samedis energy - to live and enjoy it, to do what pleases me and not others.

Thats how I came to work with Baron Samedi. It was like - hey I remember you and you feel quite familiar so I will follow my intuition and work with you at my life style. After hospital I wished to be death cause of the pain, my husband betrayed and left me and this saved my ass. Death is not only Death, he is also the new life and everything in between :black_heart:


I relate to this so much. Meditation numbed and quieted my own voice and intuition. Now the depression and anxiety is harder to deal with without prescribed med, but all the things I did while i was taking them now doesn’t seem like me.

I also relate with the notion that spirits have changed my inner dialogue in a way where i can manage things, but still be true to my soul and will.
People should definitely take them to get balanced out, but i feel like for me, the path I’m taking helped me way more.

I have an interesting case. My brain chemistry has been altered . I was born with a rare blood disease called sickle cell anemia, it causes bone and joint pain and the bones get small fractures in them over time. We usually need hip replacements by 25. I’ll be 42 this year and I don’t have to get a hip replacement yet but they are damaged . So at age 4 I was given hydromorphone. This was the way they controlled the pain. After 20 years I noticed my body couldn’t function without it . So I steered taking smaller doses. I’m
Now on 85 percent less pills per day then before. I’m happy with that but I want to be completely free of the need for them to function. I’ve tried everything you’ve mentioned above except for the high doses of vitamin d3000. I use cannabis daily which allowed me to get down to a lower dose but nothing lowers the pain better then the pills. Since my opioid receptors have been trained I’m wonder is there another possible way I can experiment to see if relief can come another way. I ordered shrooms , some ppl say they got off drugs by microdosing them. I know there are many things that bind to the same receptors and could possibly give a desired effect . I’m open to anything, I know this isn’t medical advice we’re just discussing hypotheticals. I’m interested in using magick alongside this journey . Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of reserve and funding to help use shrooms for pain and ptsd, I believe mdma came up as well! There trying this out with ufc fighters as well for healing purposes. Any ideas will be appreciated.


Kratom bonds to the opiate receptors in your brain without being an actual opioid. Not sure if thats what your looking for though.


Definitely look at Kratom. Red veins are the best for this purpose. It’s excellent stuff and much safer than pain killers


I tried white vein and I felt energetic but the pain was still there. I’ll try the other kind the next time . Thank u.


Khamsin white veins make me feel panicky. They are too stimulating. Red veins and maybe some green are what you want for pain and relaxation. White is a completely different purpose and I don’t use it anymore at all.

I’m of the opinion that mental illness is very misunderstood. I personally know of of a few people diagnosed with schizophrenia that are amazing psychics and mediums. It’s like doors opened in thier minds but there were some unfortunate side effects.
I think we all know some magicians who are literally bat shit crazy but get awesome results with thier magick. Something to think about anyway.