Baron Kriminel

Baron Kriminel is a ghede Baron who isn’t exactly well known, at least compared to Baron Samedi. Baron Kriminel was a murderer in his mortal incarnation, some say he was the first murderer, and he holds patronage over criminals of all kinds. Baron Samedi has said that Baron Kriminel is the hitman of the ghede, and this holds true. Kriminel not only holds power over murderers, but also their victims. He can be petitioned to destroy enemies, get revenge, or even to help locate kidnapping victims, although I wouldn’t reccomend him for this particular work (locating kidnapping victims that is). He loves animal sacrifice but like most of the ghede, he loves spicy food, coffee, alchohol, tobacco, bread, candy, and meat. If you do petition him, be sure that you actually want his help as he certainly doesn’t mind causing chaos, pain, or even death, and always go to Baron Samedi first to get his protection whilst working with Kriminel.


Thank u for the knowledge… just out of curiosity why wouldn’t you recommend his aide in locating kidnap victims? Just curious as I hadn’t heard of him before

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Well, in my experience at least, Kriminel can be a little violent and he’s said to be a very cruel Lwa. I just think Lwa like Gran Bwa, Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, or Damballah Wedo would be better suited for the job.


Does this Baron Kriminel have a veve or sigil?

I’m just curious, that’s all.

Guys please learn more about this Lwa if you plan on working with him. He is known to leateraly bit the person that he possesses when given offerings that he does not like. To the point of literally biting through the flesh.

Please, for your safety. Do some extensive research first beforehand!!!


Just because it’s dark and edgy, doesn’t mean those warnings aren’t there for a reason :+1:


Voudan being the violent and dangerous path that it is. Is why so few want to step into the voudan path i agree with


Yeah it might be , thats what everyone says up until they are granted a request by the Lwa .It the becomes addictive and thrilling .Thing is the Lwa are harsh but they deliver quite well .One only needs to follow what the Lwa demand and that’s it .
But for Baron Kriminel I suggest that if you aren’t strong or are prone to making mistakes in rituals or you tend to be clamsy with instructions ,just stay away from him .As the former mage stated kriminel is pure trouble if you piss him off ,but the other Lwa’s can be understanding for the most.


Well said. Any magician who wants to run after raw power should work with the lwa. As long as they understand what voudan encompasses most just think its “cool” to summon them here or there. I believe it is a heavily taken oath where you are put within the “Balance” lest you tip the scales and drown in the current


Hey I don’t know if you are going to see this but I’m a beginner and any advice on how to contact the loa and such things would be much help

Hello my old account is prynce’s. If you’d like to pm we can. What is your question regarding the Loa

For rn, sense I just started learning about them. Really any information you’re willing to give me about them.

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Thank you so much for this! He’s the one I need but it’s hard to find accurate information about him.