Barang Symptoms Philippines Socery


          Note: the difference between these medical symptoms is when the doctor does not diagnose it and it goes back and forth and does not cure the drugs prescribed to you.

          When you are hit by witchcraft or barang, its symptoms will vary from person to person, depending on your nature and what kind of witchcraft is done to you. Here are its symptoms:

          When you are blocked, the first symptoms are pain or stiffness in the abdomen. In the solar plexus chakra (in the part of the stomach, the height of the navel) you let the intruder enter the insects and things he wants to enter you. Your solar plexus area is also very stiff. At the same time, your hips and lower back also hurt. Other symptoms include headache, vomiting, dizziness. Another side effect is that you are constantly constipated or have difficulty urinating. (the sand damper places the vessel of your urine and feces). And when you check up with the doctor, they usually do not see any findings or when you are given medicine you do not recover from it. When you have an ultrasound of your stomach, and you look at it carefully, there is usually a scary image or something strange that you can see on your ultrasound sonogram (sometimes only you can see it). Because the substance is more severe than witchcraft, when it is not caught immediately, it often leads to death.
           You always have bad dreams, or you have nightmares. You always wake up at 12am to 3am. You wake up feeling terrified or your chest is pounding. You wake up with your throat dry and very thirsty. It is during these times that the power of witches and villains is strongest so here they perform their rituals. If you always wake up at 3am to 4am and are very scared, this is an indication that there is an evil spirit that is disturbing or disturbing you. 3am is called demonic hour, and 3am to 4am is the time when the fence is thinner in the physical world and the world of spirits so this is where they go out. If you wake up at such times and you do not have nightmares or are very scared, your sleep may be superficial.

Suddenly you have insomnia. You cannot sleep no matter what you do. One of the first attacks by witches and villains is on your nervous system and your mind, with the aim of weakening your immune system so that you can more easily respond to what they do to you. Once your mind has entered, one of its effects is that you become forgetful. There are times, events or people you do not remember. Sometimes you are in a place but you do not remember how you got there.

You wake up at night and feel like something has hit your chest and you have difficulty breathing.

Your chest is always throbbing. You become nervous.

You are always an idiot and can no longer talk. Always sleep, do not get up. You suddenly have cocomatomatosis (these occur when your astral body is locked in the bottle by a strong smoker)

You notice insects, worms, centipedes, small snakes, scorpions, small beetles, hair, sand, nails, needles, mud, thread, pebbles, black tingling tips, etc. on your body - you may vomit or urinate, you have constipation, or while you are sleeping.

There is always a fly or a madman around you. This happens not just once but always. A madman is a manifestation of the spirit of a person who has died in a rage against you. It can also be a manifestation of an entity derived from the thought-projection of a mambabarang (messenger). It is also a manifestation of one of the demon kings Beelzebub.

You do not have the same amount of money when you line the line with your two wrists (when there is only a small difference, it is caused by force or man-made (anger, envy, etc.), it can also be done by the flesh. intervals, especially if you look at the crucial hours on the watch (3-6-9-12), it may be caused by a fairy, stock or witchcraft.When the left is longer, the woman does it.When the right is more long, men do.But based on experience, it is not 100% accurate, so I still use other methods of deduction.

Suddenly your immune system collapses. Your pain is recurrent and incurable…
Suddenly you lose weight. Loss of appetite. You always feel very weak.
You are always sweating from the cold. You feel cold in your hands and feet, it usually happens at sunset (6 pm onwards).

You feel as if your muscles and bones are flexed, your muscles ache
You feel as if a part of your body is constricting or tightening, usually your head

You feel like someone is choking you
Your chest is always tight and you have difficulty breathing

Sudden erection of your body or loss of consciousness (stock can also be used)

Always numb your face, arm, thigh, hand or foot or any of it
Inflammation of certain parts of your body

You feel chills and extreme cold. It is as if cold water is pouring down your head.

You feel like your palms are on fire. It feels like your body is on fire. It looks like someone is burning you.

You feel as if something is piercing the various parts of your body. You feel as if your tongue is being pierced, sometimes you will notice that it has a wound

Excessive itching of your body. You develop allergies or rashes that do not heal
You get rashes that grow every day and it looks like someone is coming out very busy (paraya)

Having many cuts and wounds on the body that is inexplicable
Having bruises on your body waking up in the morning.

The darker your skin, the longer it darkens.

Your skin becomes very dry. Your skin feels dry

Suddenly your face gets old, sometimes it even deforms.
It makes your face ugly, overgrown with various things

You always feel like a spider web or hair on your face even when there is none

You feel like there are insects or spiders crawling on your body
You feel like there is something else inside your body.

Sudden blurring or blindness of your eyes

Sudden whitening or falling out of your hair (it can also be caused by stress}

Your stomach is bloated but you are not pregnant. The solar plexus part is hard.
Feeling your stomach grow but not. It usually occurs when the tide is high or the sea water is high (flat or coarse). Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally

Suddenly the man’s testicles grow, while in the woman there is excessive itching of the genitals. Rotting your genitals.

You feel as if something is stuck in your throat and you have difficulty swallowing
Suddenly seeing your voices

Having cancer, lupus and other auto-immune diseases (your immune system expects your own body). But there are more medical reasons
You have a lump in your body
Your heart is growing. Heart attack or stroke (this is mostly medical)
Minimizing your breasts

Suddenly you can no longer walk
One of your legs seems to be shortening or shrinking. Sharpening of your feet…

Suddenly seeing your hearing

There is smoke as if blocking your vision

Sudden cessation of your period. Sometimes black and foul-smelling fluid comes out of your vagina
There is a foul odor coming out of your body and mouth
Sometimes you vomit black blood

Changing your taste, you do not like salty or salty. You lose your salty taste.

You become very sensitive to various odors. You always smell fishy or rotting flesh. You smell like ash or burning wood

After a while you clean your body, you always feel very dirty and very smelly.
You do not want to take a bath. You do not care about your personal hygiene

You always experience panic attacks or extreme fear. You always think something bad is going to happen. You become a very negative thinker
You are afraid to go out of the house and socialize with others, you just want to be alone

You become very depressed and you think of committing suicide

Suddenly change your habit. You become irritable and rude, you have nothing to reconcile…

Suddenly your pet cat gets sick or dies without explaining to your vet

Any of the above I can be an indication of witchcraft or barang.

These symptoms usually start at clock hours = three o’clock, six o’clock, nine o’clock, twelve o’clock or a few hours before these hours (day or night)

You will notice that these symptoms get worse or worse during the full moon and dark moon or when you are near or a few days away from them.
In other cases, Tuesday and Friday have a stronger effect…

Do you have any advice on how to not only protect from this but completely cancel and banish the attack?

All I know is that I pray to Santa Muerte but I some case i feel like someone watching & helping me not sure…
I done self exorcism which I ended vomiting not a normal one but my mouth like a fxckn faucet & lost consciousness & a green light or figure jump right next to my bed before I close my eyes I actually was naked when I’ve done that wearing only underwear I don’t remember when I woke up or anything after the experience all I remember all the pain & bloating of my stomach just gone I feel like brand new…
Someone to do self exorcism so I did,I annoint my crown chakra w/ frankincense oil the 3rd eye back of the neck solar plexus,elbows/front elbows, knees/back knees top of feet & soles then I lay down I wipe myself with water with drop of frankincense I pray psalm 135 from top to soles half of my body start to be paralyzed I keep praying & wiping until my whole body started to be paralyzed & start 2 vomit a one huge go then lost my consciousness