Baptism into Satanism

This weekend my girlfriend is going to baptize our son into Satanism. My baby Gabriel is kind of nervous. he is 4 weeks old. I wonder if there is anything that I could do as far as rituals to calm him down (he has been crying every time we pick him up and goto our friends’ houses so they can meet him)

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Why? That is religious indoctrination, no different than what Christians do. The child’s religious or spiritual beliefs should be left up to them.


that’s what I said but my gf doesn’t understand that


Then I hope she is prepared for the child to rebel against it later in life and possibly turn Christian lol


Maybe make the suggestion to alter said " baptism" to a ceremony that will allow the child to remain connected to their inner divinity. Protection from social forces that would hinder then spiritually. No mention of any specific path or entities. Instead bask the child in his own power and wash away obstruction. Make an argument that this is the very essence of Satanism to begin with.

Maybe call on an entity that is good with manipulation to help you get the job done.



ok thank you

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You’re welcome.