Baphomet - The Gatekeepers

I agree with this. I was told, when I asked in meditation, that Baphomet is representative of the higher self. The ultimate potential of perfection that we can reach. The union of opposites.

I was told that if the Source could have a representation, Baphomet would be the perfect representation because it is All in All as the Source is All in All, and therefore is representative of the higher self, which is All in All within us.

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This is how i see him tbh.

I noticed when you work with “aspiring” elemental power, connecting to the sky and earth… If you want to visualize all that within you, Baphomet acts as a “pattern” to recreate with you.

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I like that perspective. Thank you.

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Yes, Baphomet absolutely seems to be connected to the Earth element and feels a lot like sex and perversion.
He has come in a lot lately, and the other night I called the Old ones with the elements in the four corners and Baphomet popped in next to Shub-Niggurath, who is connected to the Earth element and the Goddess of fertility.

Baphomet (as the figure we know) is a concept invented by Eliphas Levi.

The “rumor” about that entity being a Templar Deity or so is just a myth created to destroy the templar (and highlight their heresy) Historically nothing proved that entity was worshipped.

Eliphas Levi being a Christian magician had no intention to create an entity to worship or at least work with… But when you see how many magicians adopted the figure, plus Satanists using it as a picture of Satan…

Baphomet (the Eliphas one) is a personnification of his concept of Astral Light.

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