Baphomet- Goetia

What Goetic demon is Baphomet related with? Reason I ask is that I have a large Baphomet statue that I’d like to utilize to summon a Goetic entity in order to make a pact.


Well, from the little that I was reading from the Works of Darkness, ( and I’m assuming the Baphomet that you’re speaking of is the statue that has the head of a goat, breasts of a female, phallus of a male, with the lower body/legs of a goat, etc…) is not so much a signifier of a specific Goetic demon but rather a much broader archetype. The image of the Baphomet that is often depicted was the one that I believe was originally drawn by Eliphas Levi, yet Levi doesn’t really give an explanation or reasoning as to why the image is the way that it is.
Sure there are other reasons and explanations as to its inception and what it represents. However I don’t think it represents a specific goetic demon per se.
Otherwise, I think you have an awesome statue that you could place on your altar that would definitely draw the energies of the current, and you can probably make a pact with any goetic demon that best fits your situation. I’d go for a demon that best resonates with you and ponder it for a time before any serious ritual workings are undertaken. Good luck and let us know how the pact-making process ends up.


I think Baphomet is more of a symbol than a deity.(Just my opinion)

It represents the female and the masculine.The abov above and below.The light and the darkness.

However in a couple rituals I’ve done in the past,name dropping Baphomet doesn’t hurt.

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For many Baphomet is a physical representation of the Source/Most High as it represents non duality.

However there are some people who work rituals to connect with The Baphomet as though it were a spirit like a demon or angel. Look up Andrieh Vitimus’Baphomet rituals, for a good example.

From my understanding, the name Baphomet is the mid-point in a series of Templar cyphers. It “decodes” to Sophia, but I believe it also recombines with a motto or something for another solution. Everything templar/Rosicrucian decodes twenty different ways. And you’re ultimately wasting your time because the most important meanings usually can’t be guessed or easily inferred - like some of the stuff going on in tarot symbolism. I think they want people to obsess over it - that endless scrambling, dittoing and distorting the same information over and over.

That doesn’t mean there’s no perfectly straightforward, mundane meaning. Just that there are probably five perfectly straightforward, mundane meanings.

For example, if you look at its most literal possible meaning, you could read it as a prescription for transcendence of human nature by dual possession by planetary and demonic currents - dissolving the identity of the human and coagulating a totally new identity that is a perfect fusion of beast (earth), man (air), planetary intelligences (angel wings, water), and demons/elementals (fire). Sounds like a pretty solid prescription for godhood to me.

And I do notice that the hooves are usually positioned to suggest a fish tail.