Banishings vs. Demonic Sigil Magic

I have been practicing a banishing that calls upon Hekate and her guardian spirits. I practice it mostly in order to strengthen my relationship with Hekate and not necessarily because I feel the need for protection.

Has anyone had the experience that when working with a demon and its familiars it surrounds you with for a particular goal, that banishings interfere with that overall working, or does it not matter?

I have the intuitive feeling I should lay off the banishing as long as I am under the influence of a sigil and its energies.

Have you had any experiences to support this? The Western Magic perspective is new to me, and I tend to naturally apply my other occult training to it, but I don’t believe this is always the best approach.

I think its better not to banish unless your environment gets “thick” or unconformable for you or anyone else in you’re household. Banishing before you’re goal is complete seems to make the end result not happen or be less of what you wanted…IMO… Ive had to banish a couple times after doing an evocation and sigil magick becacuse my fiance would complain that our condo was giving her bad vibes and she felt drained… but I really didn’t notice much of a difference.

I don’t find banishing to have a negative effect on any of my on going workings. I view banishing to work primarily on a microcosmic scale, also having some influence on the immediate environment. So if for example I have done a working to bring in some cash then that is happening “out there” and won’t be influenced.
Further to this, like all magic, intent comes into play. I am only banishing the influences that I perceive to be negative and whilst demonic influence is generally cast as negative if I have chosen to work that way then I am perceiving a positive influence on my journey and therefore would exempt it from being banished.
I find that once a long term routine of well practiced banishing is set up that the positive effects are huge. People tend to perceive you more favorably, it becomes easier to to read people, those little things in life that shouldn’t matter but tend to cause disproportionate upset are kept well in check.
I tried to experiment with not banishing the see if I could accumulate the “charge” in my temple space as Alkaloid and E.A. and many other talk about but quickly realised that at this stage of my praxis even a huge increase in ritual power wasn’t worth the decrease in general flow that my life experianced.
In fact when my life is flowing well I hardly even need to evoke.

I have the same experience. When I perform daily banishings, there is a noticeable difference in my energy, interactions with others, among other things. It usually does not take all that long to do in the morning and evening, and has become a daily habit.

Bitteroot, out of curiosity, the banishing youre doing which calls for Hecates spirits, is the one from the book “Reversal Magick”?

That’s the one. I’m currently working through Jason Miller’s (Inominandum) Strategic Sorcery course. I always had an attraction to Hekate, her energies reminding me of Kali, my Divine Mother.

That’s interesting, I’ve always felt that it affected the outcome of my workings…but maybe its just the fact that me believing that was enough to change the outcome.