Hi, i’m asking this question with regards to the Ars goetia grimoire. My doubt is regarding the steps to be taken when the entity summoned does not wish to leave the triangle when the “license to Depart” is given.

As far as i understand, the GBRP, LBRP, BRH etc. are more of centering rituals used to clear the energetic body of outside influences(and align it with elemental/planetary energies), i.e. it works on ONESELF rather than another entity/others. Which is why the hermetic golden dawn performs it BEFORE a ritual. Very powerful and effective, but in this case it doesn’t help me unfortunately.

I would be very grateful if someone could point me towards the banishing/exorcism “mechanism” that should be performed in this kind of situation.
I don’t need the “visualization” etc. I can come up with that on my own, but i need a hint on HOW to send the demon back, based on which I’ll develop the needed visualization/ritual on my own.
To be more clear(sorry for the long winded post), I need to know WHAT is that visualization exercise that i’ll perform, TRYING TO DO. Close a portal? force an entity’s energy to dissipate? Push out or overwhelm the demon’s energy with the one I channel though my higher/omnipotent self?
I hope my question is framed clearly…I would truly appreciate any pointers in this regard from experienced magicians. This is my last stumbling block for now. Hoping to clear it up soon.

Thanks and regards,

Detach yourself from the Ritual, the spirit and anything else. Dont loose yourself though.

First things first. You should be using the Shem angels to control the Goetics if it’s your first rodeo with those spirits. That’s what I did when I was first beginning and never really had any issues with spirits not leaving. You can try to repeat the License to Depart up to the three times. You can also try the Bornless Ritual, which Stephen Skinner says is actually an exorcism. Take a look at this, all credit goes to Raum:

[i]Subfumigate with sulfur derived from onions, invoking Uriel.

also basil water works wonders.

the trick is the verdict is open what they got… The goetic kings usually send servants unless they are serving their own ends by showing up, or you really work for them. Keep in mind they can also project through their servants… So it is easier to be in all the places that they need to be to serve their own agendas. How much of a backseat driver in their arriving servant is dependent upon a lot. But sulfur from onions (yup, cut, sweat dry and burn onions) is very useful for just making them just uncomfortable enough to leave.

Basil water is made from a cupped double handful of fresh or spring water by three drops of olive oil, five drops of carnation oil, and eight drops of cedar oil. Peace, Love, and Joy in the proportions of the pentagram.
Take Holy basil and place it in the water, and rehearse the psalms 91. Use the Holy basil to sprinkle the water. holy basil is for the king, which is the sun. This is the real holy herb “azobh” which was translated and explained as hyssop. it is from the spice road from India, and is in both languages called " holy herb". The Greek hyssop, the flowering reed attracts bugs. What kind of purity is that?

Basil was used in Egypt, Canaan, Babylon and among Hittites for purification and preservation. the people who unify in the Jewish identity are no different.

This is not aggressive enough to invite retaliation, it is more like just filling the home with vibes they would rather not be around, and that will not be offensive to your own path. If the psalms of David are too Judeo-Christian for you, you can use whatever you feel is a refuge and protection edict. again the herbs are sacred for many people for these things.

That was for a specific demon but I don’t see why it can’t work for any of the Goetics.

Very interesting about basil Baphomet. I use it often it in my own stuff for protection as well as sage. I know it is used in palo as well for cleansing and protection.

Having read the information and the view on hyssop do you feel its cleansing properties have been over exaggerated due to its reference in psalm 51?

Thank you, all of you. Really appreciate your help. All the best in your own workings.