Hi all. So far I’ve seen mixed views on banishings, and I’m still quite new to evocation, banishing etc. So I plan on contacting King Paimon as I feel most comfortable with him, does anyone recommend performing a banishing afterwards or not? I’ll probably do one before contacting him, but not sure about afterwards?

I’m thinking because I feel comfortable evoking him it’ll be ok to not do one? Or is that ridiculous? Sorry for the silly questions, still new to this! Thank you!

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Also should ask what banishings people recommend

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Yes. But make it a habit. Be sure to practice it quite often. It is important for basic spiritual hygiene, and while some astral critter can attach itself to anyone, even the strongest occultist ever, the chances of getting one decrease dramatically when you banish.

The problem is not the spirit you want to contact, but what else can listen to your call. Banishing is spiritually nuking your area, cleaning it from most things.

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Yes, you should banish. Think of it like cleaning your house before inviting a guest over. If you don’t want to use something like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram because of the archangels, then look into an elemental banishing. S. Connolly, a demonolator, uses what she calls an elemental circle, to cleanse and balance her temple before calling a spirit.


A really simple banishing:

Visualize an energy ball in your hands.

Make it dense with energy, you may want to hold your hands up while you do this gathering and condensing energy (think like Goku in dbz when he does that one thing I can’t remember the name of…)

When you feel the time is right, imagine that ball being like an atomic bomb.

(You might visualize it going up in the air before it drops)

Visualize it falling. See it impact and the mushroom cloud that forms and see the shockwave pushing out all the energy there was before (while exhaling forcefully) and replacing it with the new energy from your “ATOMIC BOMB” (think radiation but it’s new energy).

It’s very chaos magicky but it’s one of the things I do if I’m not being fancy and just trying to clear and reinvigorate the temple.


Do you recommend banishing both before and after the evocation?

Yes that seems a lot easier than a lot of banishings I’ve seen so far, although I’m horrible at visualising so I hope that doesn’t interfere. Thank you sm!

I recommend banishing before a ritual. If you don’t want the energies to stick around, then I would do so afterwards as well, but otherwise I usually allow the energies to dissipate on their own.

If you can’t visualize too good, narrate it to yourself. Really get into it as you describe what’s going on (this has worked for me, and it can help you get into the psychodrama you’re drumming up).

You’re harnessing the power of the spoken word.

Try to imagine the sensation of the bomb and it’s shockwave blasting through you and out.

More than one way to skin a cat. :wink:

Yes i was thinking to just leave it afterwards too, thank you for the help!

oh i’ve never thought of that, i’ll definitely give it a go! thank you for the help!