Banishing Rituals

Hello everyone, I have been searching through Grimoire after Grimoire and have yet to find an effective and satisfactory collection of banishing rituals. Can any of you recommend reliable books or articles about this subject?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Solar Banishing Wave

The Banishing Wave is a technique that the Magickian can use that is effective against ALL entities in my experience. There is one key requirement that is necessary for the Banishing Wave to work; the Magickian has to KNOW that the Banishing Wave will work.

The Magickian VISUALIZES and FEELS a wave, similar to the blast wave of a nuclear explosion, expanding and radiating out from within the Magickian in all directions. The wave should be seen as forming a pressure wave that physically and astrally “blows away” anything in its path. The Magickian should feel the heat of the explosion, the force of the blast, and should SEE the pressure wave expanding out to the horizon in all directions. This explosion should be seen and felt as an expanding CIRCLE or SPHERE, with the Magickian being in the center of this explosion…

The effectiveness of the Banishing Wave is greatly increased if the Magickian incorporates the energy of the Solar Grounding Ritual. To do this all that is required is that the Magickian remembers what the energy of the Solar Grounding Ritual feels like and feel THAT ENERGY as the nuclear explosion that radiates and expands evenly away from the Magickian.

This Banishing technique, once mastered, can be performed instantly almost without thought and, as long as the Magickian KNOWS that it works, has proved effective (in my personal practice) against any entity or force that the Magickian wishes to Banish.

Solar Grounding Ritual

Visualize yourself as growing very large…huge. Grow until you can put one foot on the Sun and the other on the Earth. Size DOES matter! If you can see yourself bigger than the Galaxies that is even better. See yourself in the darkness of space with your feet on the two worlds.

Draw up power from the Sun into yourself and re-direct it into the Earth. Just make certain one foot (I have always put the Right foot on the Sun) is firmly planted on the Sun and the other foot is firmly planted on the Earth. You need to feel the power rising up from the Sun into your body, feel your body being infused by this energy, and then feel the power flow down the other leg into the Earth.

Do this continuously for about 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes, shut off the flow to the Earth while still drawing the power from the Sun. Continue this for about 1 minute. At the end of this exercise see yourself shrink down to your normal size.

Do this exercise two to three times a day for the next week. This exercise should make an immediate difference in your available energy and should also ground you. I will not tell you WHAT you will feel however I guarantee you that you WILL feel the energy within you and passing through you.

Many are unable to do this exercise for a full 15 minutes when starting. If you are doing it properly you may need to do it for shorter periods initially. Additionally, to call this exercise a “Grounding” exercise is VERY misleading. Once you begin this exercise you will experience some unusual things that will open an entire new world to you. This results of this exercise actually change based on YOUR NEEDS at the time.


Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book has a lot of them.Also i’ve used this one and it’s great.

[quote=“dron, post:3, topic:7119”]Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book has a lot of them.Also i’ve used this one and it’s great.[/quote]

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I shall post my progress on the forum and report.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams work Well almost all the time, and it put you in a state of omnipotence even more with the banishing effect,
E.A have made a Video showing how to perform this Ritual and i am really Thankful to him for Making this Video,here’s the link :

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I know this thread is over 5 years old, but I just did that ritual. I have not felt so much energy in me before.
The energy build up and knowing it is a banishing ritual gave me the confidence i was actually in contact with the entity i called upon.
Im someone that is stubborn and did not care about bringing bad spirits in my room, but now i understand you have to do a banishing ritual ESPECIALLY as a beginner with no senses.
I probably called on so much fucked up spirits without even knowing