Banishing Ritual

I have a few unbounds invading my home, they’re more annoying than anything, but i would prefer them
to dwell elsewhere and not in my home. However i cannot seem to find a banishing ritual that relates to unbounds/unwanted spirits.

has anyone here had dealings with them? or managed to knowingly banish them?

Any advice, information or direction would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you!

What is an “unbound?” I have never heard that term before.

Any banishing ritual will be able to remove any unwanted spirits. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Star Ruby, the choices are endless.

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Thank you! ill look them up.

Unbound basically refers to any spirit who is not bound to an object, not in a pact with you, not summoned nor invited in, they kinda just hang around.

Ah, okay. Thank you. I’ve never heard of them referred to in that way before.

This also has some good options:

“Unbound” is a word used by metha-sellers that sell “Bind/ spirit bindings” on jewelry, necklaces,gemstones etc,
they consider any spirits that is not “bind” by a human for a human customer, as “unbound”
What means, any demons/entities/ghosts passing by that was not conjured by a human in a necklace/gemstone for another human, is a “unbound”

This is exactly what the LBRP and LBRH are supposed to take care of. I would suggest learning both, in that order.

If you have an idea of what it is you can make the environment uncomfortable for them by using incenses, colors, ritual etc. that are in opposition to their energetic qualities. Regional considerations should be taken into account, too. In example, white sage is second to none in the USA for general clearing, but frankincense is the one to use in Europe, while Nag Champa is great in regions of Asia.