Banishing Ritual But Leave A Spirit?

So I had some negative entities floating around that were fucking with me in my dreams and in sleep paralysis, standing at the foot of my bed and terrifying me. I was just wondering if my doing a banishing ritual could have accidentally sent my succubus away?
I gather that if my intention was to leave her be that she wouldn’t have been affected, correct?

I just want to make sure I didn’t accidentally send her off:P

Whatever spirit or energy you want to keep will stay after the ritual.

Companions, familiars, and spirits close to you are linked to you. A banishing ritual wont get rid of them unless your intent is to be rid of EVERYONE. And even then, with the connection, your familiars can come right back. Itd be best to verify whether or not the mean shit lurking is connected to you or just got in. Or whether or not they were invited by your succubus.

When I started banishing, I make an exception for “those trusted entities working on my behalf or the behalf of my family” to get around worrying about this. I still do it, but set it mentally at the start of the banishing.