Banishing ritual before an evocation?

Do I have to perform a banishing ritual before an evocation? Which are the steps and what do i have to do more exactly. Thank you

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Banishing of what? Previous negative energy left in your working space? No, not unless you want to, but I don’t see a reason to do a banishing for any other purpose unless you want to banish the entity before it even shows up. But you can do the LBRP that everyone else always talks about.

If you don’t know how to banish, or whether you have to or not, I dare say you’re not ready to evoke.

It can be a very dangerous practise (for a number of reasons and on a number of different fronts, but like playing with explosives, we’re often the biggest danger to ourselves, due to sheer ignorance), and I would certainly recommend a cautious approach. Rarely will rushing into anything prove useful.

I would also, however, recommend a book called “High Magic” by Frater U.D., as it covers all the basics and quite a few more advanced topics, as well as explanations of what to do, why to do it, and how it can be done.


Good point Tiberius, I didn’t think about her possibly needing to banish during the ritual if something goes awry. Yeah, you should definitely learn the methods first just in case. My methods may not be best for you so I’ll let someone else chime in.

Thanks for answer. I am not on LHP and i will never ever be anymore! I have asked because I have been told banishing before evocation is necessary because there might be other entities excepting one that you evoke that can occur during an evocation , and to prevent this. I will not do this if you said is not true. Thanks very much anyway!

The most common one is the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) there is a great resource here: it changes the ritual to make it make more esoteric sense.

Cristinica, you should be able to feel if there is another spirit present during the evocation trying to intrude. If that occurs simply tell them to leave that you are in the middle of a conversation with XYZ spirit and they are unwelcome and if they don’t leave, ask the spirit you evoked to make them leave and they will.

@ashtkerr: i actually take some exception with the “revised” LBRP. while i understand the principles behind the changes, i believe they’re in error, and the original version is more esoterically accurate. just my opinion, of course, but i have yet to see revisions such as these (or any others) become magical mainstays.

@cristinica: banishing is just like cleaning your house or tidying your room. if you have important things to do and you need the house clean, then you need to clean it. it’s really as simple as that. if your magical space feels cluttered or that there are stray energies around, you may want to banish so that you are starting in a fresh environment. i personally banish at night before bed, because i find the stillness of the environment after that helps me sleep. if i don’t banish (and i don’t do it every night, if i just can’t be bothered), i often latch onto the residual energies in the room and i’ll end up thinking about the events of the day, rather than relaxing like i would prefer.

hope this helps.


Thanks for the answer!

I just notice I made mistake , I wanted to say I am not on RHP anymore, I have changed it .