Banishing/healing allergies through sneezing fits

I have had seasonal and year round allergies my whole life. Its the seasonal allergies that are really a pain to deal with though. While overtime I think some if not all of my allergies have lessened in strength, the past 2 or 3 years I have begun having sneezing fits at the height of my seasonal allergies. In some ways it is a welcome change from intensely itchy eyes, face, and a stuffy runny nose, but being incapacitated for minutes on end by sneezes isnt fun either.

Ever since I was first introduced to energy work, and what I think is referred to as theophany, I have been interested in healing myself of, or removing, my allergies. I really forgot about it for some time, but fuck sneezing fits.

Most recently everytime a fit strikes me, I try to feel and visualize myself sneezing all of my allergies out. Do you think this has any merit? Any tips or tricks I can use to make this more powerful?


I love this exercise. Just gotta make sure to do it in private or people might accuse you having the Rona (said in my husky 80 year old chain smoker granny voice :grin:)


Can’t say I’ve tried that. I take Benadryl at night and, in peak season, take fexofenadine during the day. That’s about all I can do with year-round allergies and 3 cats I’m mildly allergic to.

I may give this a try when I have a sneezing for come on, though.

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I must be a super weirdo as I like the feeling of release sneezing gives me…as a kid i used to stare at the sun to make myself sneeze…might explain alot about me today lmao :joy:


Oh yeah…lot of posts are much clearer. Wait…I gotta sneeze…


If you want to heal the issue , try hypnosis to find the cause of the allergies. Sometimes it’s conditioned reflex in times of stress combine with poor nutrition during that time of your life. Somehow your body trigger allergy response at that time . Many allergies are also from dehydration and not getting enough nutrients which condition the allergy reflex.

When did it start? how stressful was life then?

some people even has allergy cuz some pain in the ass people are around. There’s many people who feel pain in the back or neck when there is a distant family that they hate. pain goes away when the person is not around. The mind can make all kinds of symptoms to get your attention. then somehow the program never stop. Allergy is potential signal about something that happen when you were little. Often it’s stress related that trigger allergy. Can be mental or physical stress or even improper food stress for long time. etc…

Hypnosis can help your immune function to be super too. maybe reprogram the allergy to go bye bye unless real danger . Often it is false negative signal from immune system that something is wrong since allergy usually isn’t dangerous. Then one can also condition it further if one believe one have to have allergy seasonally or during certain times. We can brainwash ourselves to have them too. It’s just once that it needs just to be programmed in. Just like fear of dogs or cats,one time incident can trigger fear reaction for life.


Sneezes release endorphins, just like orgasms, but, of course, in a lot less quantity, so, sadly, sneezing rarely leads to that delicious afterglow :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn if that ain’t the cold hard truth :sob:


I don’t advise doing anything occult to try to fix bodily problems until you have years of practice , it would be wise to try new remedies weekly until you find one that is suitable to you and brings better results than your current remedies .

Its funny you mention the fear of dogs. I had a real bad phobia as a child that I really only got over in the past 3 or 4 years. Mainly through exposure. Every now and again though one will surprise me and my brain goes into hard fight/flight for a few seconds.

I was diagnosed as a young child with allergies and my family life was certainly very stressful around that time. I think in doubly interested in fixing allergies because my sister has potentially lethal ones relating to food.

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you can get rid of fear of dog in a session of nlp. neurolinguistic programming to rewire the conditioning. Sometimes allergies too depending on origin cause. Check out nlp. do a search for phobia cure nlp and allergy cure nlp. The steps should be easy to find. maybe it works for you. Not difficult to do. just follow instructions. Sometime people get rid of it completely if it’s condition reflex.

That’s a tough one. when one get diagnose you don’t know for sure it’s real. some times people fall for authority hypnotic suggestion that it’s illness for life and it becomes that cuz it came from a doctor.


If you need videos, there are videos on youtube to see the process too . just search using the name of the pattern techniques.

You probably need to learn about anchoring too . Its in the process. =o)

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The thing is I hate medicating. I try to avoid it unless I cannot (its necessary to heal or the pain ia really bad).