Banishing and protection for familly members

greeting every body, i must thank all of you for sharing your expiriences and assembling such wonderfull site, and excuse mefor my bad english. i am a beginner and i started my work with the LBRP of the dark lords by VK jehannum daily and some other invocation of dark lords . one day i did a foollish work i blessed the salt in the name of belial and poured it in water blessed by leviatan and puored it around my house for keeping away parasitesthat may come my way. after i returned home night i found my mother really sick and some thing in her eyes that really creaped parent are muslems and that blind banishing led advesary forces to entered my mother ethearic body and she was at time sick of arterit roumatoid, so she was prone to these forces, i desperatly chat with one of my friend and she give me order of smoking some herb and i did a ritual to godess sekhmet who is wonderfull at destroing and banishing such parasites and demons. she got better but i work at daily basis and whenever my parents enter my room they say in the name of allah, and have found that i am doing somethings that arent in direction of their believes. today i cover the candle that carved in king paimons sigile with black parchment and apologised him for doing that, how can i limit my work just to my self when my dictator fathor always comes to my room and checked every thing?