Banishing and clearing space and attachments

As the title says.

I’ve been told and I dont doubt that I have some low level entities attached to me. No idea what they are but maybe we all do.

What is a easy way to banish them from me along with clearing my space for when I want to evoke.

Also worried I may gave pacts with them from past lives and if that’s the cash would a banishing even work?

Im in the middle of trying to make a conection and work with Sastan to open my senses so I can move forwards quickly.

These low level entities seem to be holding me back.


LBPR, cleansing baths /showers, Florida water, sage, Palo Santo, salt. There are plenty of ways to do it. The most important thing behind any one is your intention. State aloud what you are doing and that they must go. Put up shields and wards, get creative with them.