Baneful Magick

Hello community of BALG!!

Improper introduction has led me to realize that it is most important to inform the community of who you are. And I hereby give a glimpse at my interests, practice, and life:

My name is Kyurick, well “magickal”name as I will explain later.
I grew up Roman Catholic and was baptized since birth. The ideologies thereby about demons, death, hell, etc., as you can infer, we’re very scary. I grew up feeling I had to avoid pleasures of the flesh, power, and any feelings that are blasphemous to the god, Jesus, whom you had to submit your life and will to.

At age 15 I wanted what most people had wanted, power and wealth. Extreme wealth, so the average desperate Christian will turn to Satans deliverance by the cost of your soul. This ridiculous choice has led me to more failures than anybody knows, yet it benefited me, I’ll explain here: I took the methods of the book of Solomon and studied that at 14-15 with the “pact with Lucifuge” that you’ll usually find depicted. I sacrificed (humanely) a goat to Lucifer for this, and did many more preposterous deeds to achieve my goal. Of course I was never violent, nor stole, nor become a bad person, I simply engaged in a few acts that took a lot of courage coming from a Christian child’s POV. My heart beat, my sweat flown, and I was scared with more adrenaline pumping than ever. I swiftly did the deed and offered this to Lucifer before using the goat skin as platform for the circle of pacts. Going through every step I was damned to realize the failures ahead. Led by fake gurus, shamans, and BRUJOS, I feel at the hands of delievering all of my savings to the hands of thieves and misleading tyrants like I’ve seen in the Catholic Church. Who then could I trust?

I put on the clothes of anger and dived into the occult with more vigor than ever to find truth and make sense of my failures. I stumbled across EA on YouTube with a video of his “honest experiences with lucifer”. This was the only video I needed to transform my life. These are “demons” but warriors guiding their armies to sit by their thrones, which are likewise, our thrones. Thrones of power.

Much study, random and spontaneous experiments and rituals, guided me to 2020, where I made my first successful evocation to Satan. Without much detail, I will say I wasn’t prepared, and my body collapsed with fear before I could take another breath.

Waking up I was in fear, but intrigued. I finally had felt something, good or bad it was TRUE, and REAL. I then laid to sleep the following night where I had the transforming dream of my future.

A black pool of oil appeared before me in my dream filled with serpents and gases, waiting to devour me. My fear had me scraping the walls of the cavern and screaming the name of Christ for salvation. I was, however, dragged in like one of the little insects of the earth who are washed by the flood waters of a storm. I landed in nothingness, no sound, no sight, nothing.

There I saw a wooden table with a skull sitting atop it. On that skull was a sigil, it was the sigil of Lucifer which I had seen on the internet during my daily practices. The blood on this skull started oozing a red, bloody substance, and a voice shared it’s input to me, “lick the blood of damnation, let it infiltrate your veins and transform you, you have felt powerless because of your religion and tyranny. Your real desires are that of power, power over others, power to give life, to take life, to harm. Baneful magick courses in your existence. Become a warrior, not in the right of Lucifer or those you bluntly worship, but of your own rite. Only then will you see that Lucifer and those you worship are worth fighting alongside for.”

This voice echoed in the air, and I grabbed the skull where I began to lick the sweet red substance from its frontal. I then passed out in that dream. And suddenly woke up to another day, where my mother was putting a cold towel on my head saying everything will be okay. She had told me I was screaming at night, and I was having strange nightmares because I was “speaking in tongues”.

I will give a follow up soon, as I do not have much time, which will explain much more of my personal journey to get to where I am today, and I will explain where I am in my personal ascent and gnosis as of April 3rd, 2022.

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