Baneful magick to destroy objects?

It’s possible to use baneful magick to destroy people, but can you curse objects as well? For example, if someone wanted to destroy someone’s car (hypothetical), could you do it? Could you, say, rip apart or crunch up an object representing that car (kind of like a voodoo doll) and doom the vehicle?

Side note: I’m not out to cause a car crash, but I’m curious if baneful magic is limited to living things only.

Cursed objects are a traditional thing in magick so, yes, you could put a curse on a car.


Interesting. For whatever reason, I assumed that cursed objects were originally cursed with the intention of destroying a person, as opposed to cursing an object just because you want that object destroyed.

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My understanding is that it depends on the intention of the magician. I know of swords that have been cursed to destroy those that wield them and houses that have been cursed to fall apart, so I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same thing to a car.

Especially since people anthropomorphize their vehicles by naming them and treating them as living beings (doing so can actually make them work better and some reports say that praising your car can even help with gas mileage!). When their vehicle stops working, people always say that their car “died” so all you would need to do is find out what someone calls their car and curse that “person.”

You could also evoke a gremlin and sic it on something you want to destroy. The mythology says that’s what gremlins are good at, especially machines. In the book Creating Magical Entities, one of the authors describes a servitor they created for the purpose of destroying a house.

So, yes, baneful magick can be applied to supposed inanimate objects as well because even the inanimate can be “alive.”

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Interesting. Did the author’s servitor destroy said house?

Oh, yes, indeed. Broken pipes, termite damage, floods, fires, everything that could go wrong in a house went wrong. If I remember correctly, the servitor’s task was to destroy the house until the landlord returned the security deposit he was withholding, and the landlord was very stubborn :slight_smile:

I bet that took forever to create that kind of servitor! LOL! I bet the end result was satisfying, though.

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