Baneful Magick through pictures only

I’ve recently gotten fed up with people trying to take advantage of me. So I’ve pulled out the big guns and ready to blow people off the map (in my personal life).

Question: If the sorcerer doesn’t have an actual artifact of the target, BUT I do have pictures of the person. Will pictures of the target suffice and be just as effective?

Yes a picture will work, but you don’t need any item related to the person if you’ve already met the person. You know how they look, how they sound, how they move and in my opinion using this kind of link of just imagining them is more effective.

Thanks on that input. We are truly powerful God’s, going to try the sigil magick route to send someone packin.


i’ve found that pictures are only useful (like tarot cards) in prompting a link. the scrying sense is used on the image to draw the psychic connection. the picture is just the tool, and not an actual fetish item (unlike something owned by and personal to the individual, although that just strengthens the link, and does not necessarily replace it).

for example, if you scry the image, it becomes easy to observe/share dreams, emote with the target very closely and influence them from a distance. again, it’s like scrying tarot cards. if you have met them, they’ve impressed upon your subconscious already (even if you have trouble consciously remembering) and may even appear in dreams etc, despite only a brief encounter.

i guess it’s like a telephone. don’t mistake the communication medium for the target themselves. if you wanted to harm someone, you wouldn’t call them on the telephone, then hit it with a hammer thinking you’re injuring them; they’re still wherever they were when you called, but now you’re down a phone.

i perform ritual late at night, and i won’t bother trying to curse anyone until being in my circle feels like being inside their mind. like the edge of my circle is the inside of their head, and i’m their dream (it’s hard to explain but if you’re familiar with the feeling of a spirit’s presence during evocation, it’s like that, except it feels like you’re evoking the room around you rather than one spirit, and the room feels like the target’s presence).

this technique can also be used to heal or whatever else, of course.

kind regards, james.

I have been thinking a lot about this kind of spell in particualr. I had the idea of drawing the target in the desired scenario ( lying in a pool of his own blood or in a fatal car crash etc.) I plan to focus my rage and contempt for the target as I draw him in the scenario I desire. I will draw the sigil of the demon I wish to use directly on the picture of the victim and open it focusing on the demise of my target.

I have used pictures of targets before to great effect, I mostly practice hoodoo/rootwork for these types of spells. The Internet with all its social networking sites makes this great source for pictures, find an image and hit the print key and voila.

It’s also not a bad idea to keep yourself protected and cleansed regularly to prevent this very thing from being done to you.

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