Baneful magick for healing by targeting disease?

Hey guys,

I wanna share some thoughts with you.

Healing can be achieved by many ways of constructive magick. I even am aware of case where one could petition the spirit of disease with an offering.
Another example would be let’s say something like career magick - you can use some blessings and constructive magick to get it done, but…

Let’s flip the logic upside-down now and use destructive magick to achieve the same goal.

Jason Miller in his books mentions that in planetary magick Saturn is not called upon too often, yet he points out it can be used to destroy any obstacle and it worked quite well for him.

I believe destructive sympathetic magick could be used to achieve the same goal. Make a poppet or something physical to represent your obstacle and just use your fiery energy to deal with it.

I have not done anything like this yet, but it sounds really good to my ears, considering that destroying is easier than building in most cases and that I find it easier to release anger and destructive energy easier than constructive one.

What do you think? Have you got any experiences?


Hiya OP! IME this works like a charm. It’s part of how I cleared my area of the coronavirus! :slight_smile:

Quite brilliant against an internal foreign invader, or virus, bacteria, etc.