Baneful herbs?

I’m wanting to cast a curse on a couple people and needing some advice on what kind of herbs I could use for baneful work.

I’m needing some for the death of the victim and some to just fuck up a person’s life
Any suggestions?

Hemlock, henbane, Belladonna (these you will have to grow yourself, as they are rarely commercially available)
Red peppers, ivy, black pepper, crossroad dirt, pomegranate, blue berries, nails, sulfur, vandal root, hellebore, grains of paradise, black mustard seeds, mullein, black walnut, asafoetida, lemon, vinegar, and poppy seeds.

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Thanks Euoi!
I have a couple of ingredients I can’t find any info on.

Tanka Beans
Chebub Berries
White Oak Bark
Lavender (which I think is for love/lust spells or cleansing)
Master of the Woods
And Bandelim

All of these were a gift so I didn’t buy them for a specific purpose.Someone on the forum gave them to me after I told them I was interested in starting Root and Conjure work.

Also what are some good oils for hexes?

Tanka Beans are used for wishes and wealth
Lavender can be used for fidelity, cooling things off, cleansing, and gay love spells
Master of the woods is used for success and domination
Agrimony is used to reverse magic upon the sender

I am unfamiliar with the rest.

You cab use black arts oil, destruction oil, DUME, crossing, mixing, Dragon’s blood, bats blood, all from lucky mojo.

Thanks again Euoi!
Looks like I’ve got some shopping to do!

He probably meant Cruel Man of the Woods.

He meant Master of the woods, he’s had this stuff for a bit.

White oak is used for protection, boil it and bathe in it.

Chebub berries are for love and success if memory serves.