Baneful advice needed please

Hi Friends, i Need to destroy a person Who works whith me, he is a person Who like to be agaist .
What is the best Spirit work forse this Mission ?
I see this bar person every day…

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Please start by doing a proper introduction according to our rules. Your previous one is not adequate, and the mod @Lady_Eva politely asked you to fill it out.


I would advise caution with baneful castings especially if you are new. However if you wish to proceed Laraje is known as quite malevolent and creates great battles and arguments, inner turmoil, anger flashes and causes festering wounds. Have a look at the Goetia that list 72 spirits all have specialties that might be a good fit.

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Thank so much other ritual? Bannefull magic? Which book Is recommended to work with ?

Are you still having these issues? Have you tried a freezer spell?

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Glasya Labolas,Abaddon,Andras Are all good for this kind of work.

you work with the person,Cut the cord that says that you must be nice,make enemies with the person. maybe not in a physical conflict but deem him/her as not your friend but an enemy that must leave your path and feel no things for the person. No thoughts nor Feelings.

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Lmao it looks like it Haha!

Hi dear no i not have trie but this two man have a bad ego a very bad cararcter and they create a bad working ambient… My idea Is to call entity to destroy their lifes… They are oppressive obsessive man strong with onest people and not correct they must be stopped

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Hey, I just thought I’d ask…it was a reasonable question. it’s been two years since the last response and OP didn’t mention if the issue was taken care of, or perhaps there is a different issue.

Doesn’t hurt to ask so I don’t understand why you’re directing sarcasm towards me…that was unnecessary.

But ok.

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No no excuse me i m not english not sarcasm excuse me …
I Need help to stop their type of be

No, you’re fine. My answer was directed to the person that laughed at my question…like it was a joke. I’m here to help, not make light of the situation.

Ok yes i Need to resolve this situation …
Someone know a cast a spell or a malediction to stop this?