Balg T Shirts and Hoodies

You seen those cool photos in the anthology of sorcery book 1.those cool photos should be put on would be cool to wear balg dark art on shirts.

That would be cool as long as they made options that do not have Become a Living God written on them. Interested people would still ask what the artwork was about even without any phrases, and that would give you a chance to carefully select who you explain the artwork to. Myself included, I’m sure others here live in areas dominated by mostly christians. In my area, a saying like become a living god, would literally put you in danger of physical harm. I had a christian girl punch me in the face not too long ago and rip my sigil necklace off my neck when it accidentally popped out from under my shirt, just the sigil alone enraged her enough to physically harm me.

What the fuck, that area must suck.

Personally i wouldn’t wear a become a living god shirt either, just for the reason that i think it would be bit of a “cliche” or “cheesy” kinda thing. But i do proudly represent my Thor’s hammer necklace/amulet. And now also sigil of Lucifer on my bag… Some sigil/occult shirts would be cool, but without “become a living god” text, since it just feels too cheesy for me to have that written on a t-shirt :smiley:

I do have some “occult inspired” clothing already thought so it can be found from the internet…

i think it would be cool.i like those cool balg shirts koetting wears in the videos.i guess it depends on your taste.people can wear the cradle of filth vestal masturbation shirt and think its cool.but why not a balg shirt with cool dark art work.from the books

im really a huge fan of dark art and books.i was a hot topic marilyn manson mall walker in middle school and high school and i still get that vibe from koetting and if he just made the shirts.i can still remember wearing my marilyn manson shirt that said, american by birth antichrist by choice.

Timothy said that if enough people ask for the shirts then they will make them.

I have another idea.Find an entity you like,print his sigil on a t-shirt,open it and then wear it.
Also a blanket with a huge sigil of Raphael for healing(this is something i saw from a Josephine’s book).

Yes Black Flame, this area does suck. It’s not nearly as bad as the bible belt areas, but pretty damn close. If you wear a metal band shirt, have piercings, or have tattoos they swarm you like bees handing you Jesus loves you pamphlets. I miss living in Cincinnati terribly. People are so laid back and non-judgemental there.

I went to this gas station in Arkansas a few years ago, only place to stop for miles, and the woman inside was rude as fuck. She literally made me feel like the goth chic on Blair Witch 2. Followed me all over the store like I was gonna steal because I have tattoos and was wearing a Suicide Silence shirt. She called me a little devil worshipping bitch after I told her to back up outta my face and quit following me around. I ended up reciting an incantation out loud to her at the register before I left to scare the hell out of her and I told her that her store was now cursed and that Satan would be paying her a visit. LOL, I was just messing with her for fun but the odd thing was, I went back 2 months later and her store had burned to the ground. I think I may have been responsible for that.

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Hahaha, nice scare tactic that created a result!

You should move to where i live, i think you would get by a lot easier… I think most of people here are atheists or agnostics, only christian because they want to get married in church and stuff like that. “Jesus saves you” people are rare and are seen as weirdos.

I’ld wear it. hell I’ll make one myself.

I would wear one, I love the one with the reversed pentagram. It looks really cool, I would wear it for shock value also

that photo with the djinn putting its hand towards that series of moons in Anthology of Sorcery could just simply say balg on the shirt.we should all let Timothy and Koetting know we want Balg shirts.

yes Raven the cincinati area can be cool.i live in a suburb just outside cincinati.but what we would be cool is to see others wearing balg shirts,a great way when out and about to meet other balgers.

I recently drew a sigil in black on the back of a black cotton shirt and did something like that… while I don’t think I’d ever walk round my local area wearing a t-shirt with BALG on it, I can’t be the only person who wants a kind of crossover from functional ceremonial stuff that helps you get in the mood, that’s also something you can wear everyday?

My red velvet dress that’s seen a lot of occult action isn’t really fit to be worn out any more but when I do, it attracts all kinds of cool attention that can’t just be down to the cut or style, so this would also be about empowering clothing during ritual, for the purpose of wearing it out.

I don’t like too much seperation between magick and everyday, I know other people feel differently.

Anyway old-ish topic but black marker pens are cool, and Lilithflower’s “sneaky sigils” thread made me think some more about this kind of thing. :slight_smile:

I can totally imagine a guy wearing a hand embroidered sigil on the underside of a tie, for everyday wear or special events - “Belial’s Ties™ - for those awkward courtroom moments!” lol!!!

Chain stitch is simple and embroidery threads are cheaper than sigil-embossed jewellery… anyway I’m going to experiment with this, I need a new dress I can wear for depraved orgiastic black magick, AND trips to the corner store. :slight_smile:

well id really like a tshirt with one of those cool stars on it.that says Balg,im not ashamed of Balg I would wear it proudly.whats the difference from supporting a sports team you like. I want to support the Balg Team.people that feel that they have to be aggressively individual and stupidly mean to people to express how they are not sheepish,shouldnt let anton laveys philosophies influence them soo much.besides if your on Balg Forum your already being part of that companies belifes and represintations.

I’ve given this some thought, having designed a few T-shirts myself. I haven’t seen the AOS artwork, but I can see something that covers the entire garment, with “” on the back, bottom LH corner, in small print.
Raven, when I think of the vulgar, sexist slogans I’ve seen some men wearing, that make me want to comit violent acts, I wonder what sort of reaction they’d get in your town.
The fundy Xtian school I attended had a civvy day. Quite a few boys wore metal shirts, leading to a ban on all band T-shirts. I wore a miniskirt, which was also subsequently banned. :smiley:

it would be cool to be able to buy a new balg t shirt and hoodies everytime a new book comes out.I Think Koetting should put the artwork from the books on to hoodies and shirts.suppourting and advertising balg in schools and shopping malls,pissing off parents and community leaders is always fun.when I go to a local pagan shop or out to the mall id like to see if others will point out that they are Balg Supporters too.its a good way to meet others with the same interests.

Darrin, that idea of releasing a T-shirt with every new book, with art from the book is brilliant! Limited edition, of course. Maybe BALG could have their own sigil, which could be placed on any such merchandise. That would be more “discrete” than spelling it out. I’m already imaging what the BALG sigil might look like…

The Artwork In The Anthology of Sorcery Books Is Awesome.I tHINK Rebellion Is Something That Is Missing These Days From The Occult.Id Like To See It Come Back And Mr Koetting Has Brought The Rebellious,Flames And Ram Horns Of Rebellion Back To Popular Occultism. Id Like To Buy Balg Hoodies,Tshirts.Id Like The Fun of pissing people like a t shirt that has koetting on it with that star that was on the complete works of koetting the star that was tilted to the left.wearing that to local pagan festivals and flea markets with pagans there would be fun.