"balg so fake with their online marketing" - o rly?

Korean shamanism goes back to prehistoric times, pre-dating the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism, and the influence of Taoism, in Korea. Wikipedia


There are an estimated 300,000 shamans, or one for every 160 South Koreans, according to the Korea Worshipers Association, which represents shamans. They are fiercely independent, following different gods, sharing no one body of scriptures. And they are highly adaptable. When the Internet boom hit South Korea, shamans were among the first to set up commercial Web sites, offering online fortunetelling. Many younger shamans maintain blogs on the Internet.
NYTimes, “In the age of the Internet, Korean shamans regain popularity” (my emphasis)

Oh noes! :scream_cat:

But I bet they have some ancient sacred rites that set them apart from modern things, and anything western, right?

There are shamans who venerate Jesus, the Virgin Mary, even Park Chung Hee, the late South Korean military strongman. Under the pro-American military governments of the 1970s, there were shamans who took General Douglas MacArthur as their deity. When MacArthur’s spirit possessed them, they donned sunglasses, puffed on a pipe and uttered sounds that some clients took for English.

“Until perhaps 10 or 15 years ago, we had quite a few shamans who prayed before the MacArthur statue here,” said Aegibosal, a shaman in Incheon, the port city where MacArthur’s troops made their legendary landing in 1950.

Wow, looks like they sussed chaos magick and using whatever forms have power long before that became mainstream in occult circles! :rofl:

“Korean shamanism is very, very materialistic and this-worldly, as Koreans tend to be,” the curator [of the National Folklore Museum of Korea] Yang said. “I don’t think a Christian pastor can succeed here if he only talks about heaven and does not hint at health and material prosperity.”

Seems like these intermediaries with spirits whose eclectic, materialistic, and extremely practical tradition stretches back into prehistoric times also had the common sense to jump online and treat it for what it is, a tool to do what you already do well, even better, and with a wider reach? :thinking:



In response to the title:


At least, in stark contrast to their northern neighbour, they have their freedom to express their magical practices without repercussion from a dictatorship. :+1:


I’ve been banging the drum (no pun intended) for how the oldest spiritual practice of humanity, that of being an intermediary between paying customers and spirits, was treated as skilled work like any other for ages on here, so it was nice to happen across an article which spells this out in so much vivid and relevant detail. :smiley:


Shaman puffs on a pipe, “I’m Gen. MacArthur!”
Me: “Oh yeah, how can I tell you’re the real Douglass MacArthur, and not some other spirit?”

Shaman puts down their pipe, tilts sunglasses “Son, imma need 30-50 nukes…”

Me: “HOLY S**t! It IS you!”

Oh course, I guess he would have left quite an impression upon the South Korean people, could be a MacArthur thoughtform floating around their collective consciousness that the shamans are picking up on.

Or he really, really wants to finish his work on earth.


We all know being spiritual means you can’t make money… =/


I was re-reading Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery last week and it gave me a newfound appreciation for the solidity and usefulness of his work. Anyone who’s unironically still carrying the “Jesus was poor therefore be like Jesus only moar edge” needs to get that book, ideally direct from the man himself just to keep money circulating among the serious and dedicated mages. :sunglasses:


And it is precisely the above referenced collective inertia that we fight against in wealth magick. Perhaps that is one of the reasons such things fizzle for many and they give up?


I actually never thought about that being a possible wall for people’s success with wealth magick, thats an interesting point.


It is something I factor into every working. Changing reality requires overcoming the collective mental inertia of what the group consciousness decides is reality. Subtle shifts are far easier than drastic changes; often, overtime, the subtle shifts, consecutively with the ultimate goal in mind, make the drastic a happen with less effort in about the same amount of time. This has been my experience. As to the ¨why¨of it, I cannot begin to speak on that, though I think it has something to do with Quantum Mechanics.


Well, if we are spiritual, try treating money as a spirit.

Lady Eva already mentioned Miller’s Financial Sorcery book (it’s great, btw.) but you could also check out Peter Carroll’s money commandments.

Money is a deity that loves to be accumulated, loves to be invested, and lives for lifting people up out of the slavery of poverty and into abundance.


This is a very good point.

Really good article


Regarding the Korean shaman thing, if I understand correctly, a number of people in power in South Korea have admitted to being connected to Korean shamans, right?

The articles I found researching validity of the one above mentioned politicians, so presumably they have.


Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery is a great book. I’ve listened to Jason on a few podcast. He really puts things into perspective…My thing is, I like money and material things and I don’t feel bad about it. Being broke not having anything ain’t my cup of spirituality. There’s people out there who have made over a million dollars just by selling tshirts with a picture of poo on it. I’m not mad at them. And I’m not mad at people who use magick to build an empire.


Gotcha. The reason I ask is because I thought I had read an article of the South Korean Prime Minister being threatened by a group of shamans after he went back on a deal (or something like that).

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Not that you can’t make money, but rather you should hate being rich and give ceaselessly to the poor; not work to solve the problem of poverty (even though that would be far more beneficial to us all).


My ass churches make money off they members every Sunday Tuesday Thursday and some Fridays or Wednesday like hell they can’t I feel like I should set up a church just to make money for me like the rest of them do…js


well to be fair, the marketing is rather off-putting and is similar to the generic self help scam websites and courses.
That being said, He does seem to know his stuff and Im still here having spent money for His information and considering spending more in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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