BALG Main site Magi, Admin,?

I had been wondering for a while how various magi are doing since I haven’t received any video news or site news lately. I’m talking about not just forum admin like Timothy and Lady Eva but the whole list on the main site:

Top authors have collaborated with us.

E.A. Koetting

  • Asenath Mason

Asenath Mason

  • Lon Milo DuQuette

Lon Milo DuQuette

  • Michael Ford

Michael W. Ford

  • S. Connolly

S. Connolly

Kurtis Joseph

  • edgar-kerval-thumbnail

Edgar Kerval

J.S. Garrett

  • Asbjörn Torvol

Asbjörn Torvol

  • thumbnail-orlee-stewart-compressor

Orlee Stewart

Bill Duvendack

  • jd-temple

J.D. Temple

Sorceress X

  • baron-von-pfaffenhofen

Baron von Pfaffenhofen

Michael King

Jeffery Deuel

Dante Abiel

Andrieh Vitimus

  • Robert Cook

Robert W. Cook

  • Nestor Avalos

Nestor Avalos

Maybe I’ve been overly preoccupied but the thought has been running around in my head on if they are doing well and are healthy and safe. Odd I’d get random concern since I’m mainly focused on my self and surroundings.


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