BALG Forum Member Of The Year! Nominations & Award Info ☀

To mark the end of 2018, BALG are holding a Forum Member Of The Year award. :sunny:

Today begins the nominations stage of a forum poll to thank ONE member who YOU think has made the greatest contribution to this community. The winner will receive a BALG t-shirt.

I will sort the nominations and load up the top NINE top people nominated into a poll, and members can cast their vote between 23rd to Midnight EST 31st December for BALG forum Member Of The Year.

How To Nominate Someone

Before MIDNIGHT EST on the night of Friday 21st December, send me a PM with POLL in the subject line, and in the body of the PM, type NOMINATE and then the name of the person you think has made the best contribution to this forum in the past year, or, if you joined less than a year ago, the period you’ve been active.

One nomination each please! This forum has many great members who are here to help others, look out for beginners, and post helpful tips and methods, so it’s a tough choice, if you’re not certain who to name, pick the person you feel has helped YOU the most in 2018. :heart:

(As is usual with Member Of The Year events on forums, BALG Authors, Admins and Global Moderators are not eligible to be named or to nominate & vote, but Regulars and all other levels of membership with PM access ARE.)

  • Nominations close MIDNIGHT EST on the night of Friday 21st December.

So make sure to get your nomination in by then. :+1:

The Vote

I will then compile the names, and the top NINE people with the most nominations will be placed in a Poll on this forum, which will have anonymous voting, and you can cast your VOTE for the person you think has made the best contribution to the forum. :sunny:

  • The poll will close Midnight EST 31st December 2018, it will appear as a new Pinned topic once open, so watch this space.

The winner will receive a BALG t-shirt, posted once votes are all in, direct from BALG! :+1:

If (like me) you are in a different timezone, this link shows you the time now in EST timezone: Time in New York, United States

To send a PM, click or tap on my avatar ONCE at the top of this post, that will open a kind of mini page with a blue button saying Message in the top right. PM function unlocks after joining and making a few posts, so if you’re new and can’t see this, there is still time to be an active member and acquire the ability to nominate and vote for the Forum Member Of The Year between now and Midnight 21st.

PM me with any questions! :smiley:


Nominations stage now closed, watch out for the POLL that goes live tomorrow until Midnight EST on the 31st Decmber,. :+1: