Balg drinking game

When you read a post or hear during an interview or course EA mention “god hood”, take a shot and or pound a beer.

Alcohol can also be substituted with a small amount of winged mammalian blood.

Hahaha, everything can be turned into a drinking game apparently. Occultism & Alcohol.

…This game is going to be over quick!

…This game is going to be over quick![/quote]

Haha, yea. My thoughts were “you could also call this game Let’s Go to the Emergency Room”. :slight_smile:

And then this…

Secret Society Pizza Delivery Man Prank

I’m pretty sure the bonus round consist ov vibrating demonic names repeatedly and whipping yourself with a belt if you start to lose consciousness. Do not be human. Let the rapture save you.

Remember alcohol oils the gears my friend ROFLMAO! :slight_smile:

Up here in the mountains we call beer “aiming oil” for hunting or target practice. Coors is the “gold cylinder of life” to our redneck blood! Just don’t want too much blood in my alcohol stream:)

Here’s some to take a shot from

  1. Whenever someone tries to get the complete works physically reprinted in some complicated manner take two shots

  2. Whenever Sunas says something questionable take three shots

  3. When I evoke the ghost of space bigfoot take four shots

  4. When Ponies poop in your alcohaul eat some chocolate instead

All drinks must be charged for one lunar cycle by placing them on a sigil or veve and making daily offerings.

I will sum up defectron’s version of the game in a logically consistent manner:

– drink all the shots.

Hell, with just #1 alone I’ll be using the pool table at the clubhouse as a cot for sure. Or maybe I’ll aim for the air hockey table if #2 starts back up again, just leave the air on, it keeps the dry heaves away…