BALG Cart Content(s) Check Out and Shipping Fees

Can I put more than one item in a cart when I want to place an order at BALG. I can’t figure it out because the way it looks it seems like BALG wants me to buy let’s say a book, I place it in the cart, pay shipping for $19.99 in the US. Now if I want to buy a second book book then BALG won’t allow me to put that second book in the same cart. Now if I want to buy that second book then I will have no choice but to pay $19.99 shipping for the second book. I know BALG books are pricey however paying $40.00 for shipping 2 books within the continental US is way too expensive.

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Ask at the help desk. It is not something the forum can help with since we do not deal with that part of things.

Thanks for the answer. However, where is the help desk? Is there a contact number or e-mail to reach the help desk? Thanks for your help.

I already found it. But I would like to sincerely thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

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