Balancing Your Chakras with Cannabis? Your thought on this topic?

So I ran into this article a few days ago and I am honestly curious about the forums comments on this subject. I am a medical cannabis user as well as a practitioner of the darker side of the craft and I personally have used cannabis for both getting into trance as well as using it as a distraction to help with grounding after the ritual work is done all with great success, so now I am trying to find other uses for it as well in my spiritual walk. Would love to hear anything this forum has to say on the topic though… :slight_smile:


Well first thing you realize is they are pushing a product, so I would take what is said with a grain of salt. I love how they have a different variety for each one.

If you google marijuana and ayurveda, which they suggest in first few lines, it’s views are quite different from the ones presented here and was used in extremely small doses and purified.

I think marijuana definitely has it’s medical uses but I would perceive it like an asprin where it doesn’t actually correct a problem it just masks it.


hi i also amoke marijuana/ canabis and a left hand path it helps alot on concentration for me…:grin:

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I smoke before every session, I feel as if it calmes me enough to concentrate without having background thoughts flood through. Also helps me enter TGS very quickly compared to being sober.


I can get into the trance state easier after smoking. Stopped smoking for a while for personal reasons. I usually think of climbing a ladder and then letting go and jumping backwards. Need to be around no one and not hear anything because sounds are very piercing and difficult. As for balancing chakras, I don’t like it for that. I like to be sober when I do it. When I am high, all I want to do is pleasurable things and meditation is not pleasurable for me. I find it very boring. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying that, but that is how I feel.


I have done magick and marijuana at the same time, and during some Nights I started feeling crazy and now I have derealization and dépersonnalisation. Shrug I will say that everyone is different, so different things happen. The only way to know is to test it. Personnaly I regret taking that much ( well, “only” 1g each day, so the équivalent of one cigarette) because now I don’t know how to come back in reality

I enjoy the vibe of doing magick while just doing non-THC CBD oil.

Ancient sages in parts of India consumed a cannabis laced drink known as bhang* before religious ceremonies to Krishna.

Now it’s taken during Holi.

There is evidence, both in history and from personal experience, that cannabis can open up the senses and aid in spiritual work, but I’d make sure to check more traditional sources and get the scoop from them.

From my own experiences, rituals like sigil magic, candle work, energy work, and meditation are enhanced with cannabis. Spirit work is a big no, it seems to mess up lines of communication for me.

*pronounced “bong” because the Universe has a sense of humor, apparently.

See to me it helps me with spirit work, it assists me in entering the void alot quicker, and upon introduction of an entity it helps me create a form for them to take. Also makes the conversations better in my opinion but that’s just me.

I personally try to do my work when sober. It’s not because it doesn’t help but because I don’t want to depend on it for my work. I don’t see a problem with it though if it isn’t a problem for you.

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