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What I got from the sigil was improving telepathy with spirits. That is a goal as we ascend to be able to just talk to a spirit just by thinking about them. I’m having trouble remembering the whole dream I know there is more I remember hearing Balam saying “telepathy” over and over again when I woke up.


Oh cool!! Thank you! And it makes sense actually.


HOLY FUCK. I just found my new favorite meditation place


Can’t wait till I have a backyard. There’s a park and a wooded area near me. I need to go for more walks and see who might be easier to contact there.

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I’ve been seeing Balam all morning.
He woke me up and just stayed.

So I spoke to him .
He said I need to follow him.

We ended up in a desert with pyramids
But it changed to a lush gardens
The pyramid was gold and glistened in the sun

He was holding a staff that seemed to have a lions head at the top.

He said I had to go into the pyramid alone.

I walk up to it and find the entrance. It’s dark inside and unsettles me.
I close my eyes and feel for the lamps…I will them to light …
I’m in a big room but there is a type of threshold and another room.
I walk thru it , it feels like walking through a fIlm.
It feels thick and clear… almost like going thru a spider Web.

There is a cloaked figure in there he holds a chalice…

It has a liquid inside …he says you must drink this but add the contents of the pouch you were given
I was given a pouch of herbs from the vudon Lady when I visited Aluriel s circle.

I add the contents and drink it. It causes convulsions. .
And I’m lying on the floor of the pyramid on my back…the wall look like a map of stars.
They are all there…
In the center at the point there is one huge star.

Alderbaran … it is huge and bright and twinkles…
Alderbaran …
I hear a voice say yes yes Alderbaran … .
It turns and pulsates …

Alderbaran is home… the eye of the bull. …
The bull is home.

The stars move and turn slowly like a giant clock …
The bright orange giant …star …sun…

Connects the dots princess… follow.

I lie there watching something that feels an infinity of time…
They move like gears. .
These stars …

I reach for the giant star …it feels like a current of fire runs from it into my hand and into my veins…

I feel empowered and fiery …
I feel like I have found something I’ve always know.

I am fire …

I feel dizzy from watching the star clock turn.
Even though it moves slow.

I finally sit up and there is a table in the room.
It has drink and food.

The cloaked figure is there pointing to it…
I feel like Alice in wonder land.

This will feed your spirit and make you stronguys
Take it and be strong.

Daughter of the stars.
Step into your realms.

You are so much more.

I take the food… and feel refreshed
Like all my stress has fallin away.

Go back now and remember your
Are Alderbaran you are solar you are fire.

Shine for us all.

I leave the pyramid and Balam is waiting patiently for me …
He gives me the staff…

It appears this is for you my princess.
I take it it feels familiar
I wonder what it means.

The staff will help you draw your fire from source.

Thank you

No thank you… dear one. We are on this journey together. All of us.


I felt this on a spiritual level lmao!

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Sounds like a beautiful experience ari! Glad I helped in whatever way I could :slight_smile:

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I feel so good since that experience …

Like dancing feeling good :dancing_women:

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The heiroglyph that looks like an arm on Ra’s heiroglyph , on my arm just like that I have three red dots like orions belt and they point to another big red dot. .just like orions belt points to Aldebaran


I also get those target marks on me. That are part of his heiroglyph …I go to the Dr thinking I’ve been bitten by a spider or Lyme disease the test for Lyme disease came back negative and they can never tell me something bit me.

Yet ever few months I get targets on me.

I believe it is a connection to Ra.

I believe it’s the feminine aspect of Ra…

If you look at the heiroglyphs in this goddess s
I have all the marks.


wow…that’s super cool!

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I’m freaking out here, I know this is an old post but I had a dream just the other night and in it Balam’s name was mentioned as a good spirit to learn from and that he made you “appear red”!? Now I understand, I even had the name Aldebaran come up mentally as a random word and that is his home, a large, red star! This is crazy and I don’t know what it means :star2::flushed:

My experience with King Balam yesterday

  • In one of my goetic books, I just randomly flipped through the pages and stopped at King Balam. Not thinking at all on which spirit to select.
  • Read up on his attributtes, etc to get context of his powers
  • drew his sigil onto parchment paper w/ enn on the back and my request
  • performed ritual for approx an hour meditating, opening, closing, etc
  • last night i had multiple dreams related to a person who has been causing me issues. and each time I woke up with perfect recall of the dream. I interpreted the whole sequence as past, present and future of said person and my relationship.
  • while I’m improving with dream recall, this was def abnormal in terms of clarity and consistency. it was like seeing the future via one’s dreams.

Lirach tasa vefa wehl Balam
Hail King Balam

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