Bakulu Baka

I’m curious as to what this Loa is all about. I see the same exact description of him in every book & internet site…

“Petro Loa often spotted dragging huge chains behind him. Bakulu-Baka is such a terrifying spirit that no one dares to invoke him.
In fact, people simply leave sacrificial offerings in the forest in the hope that he will leave them alone.”

I asked a Haitian friend of mine about this Loa & all he said was “He is a bad MF, you don’t want to mess with him.” Then he changed the subject.

Does anybody know the real deal is?


You can ask Grandchemin. He’s pretty much the only one here practicing voodoo.

Thanks! I’m new to the forum… but I’m sure I can find him. Damn, that’s mainly what my interest is. Thank you for the heads up!

I just did a search He hasn’t been active in over a month. Oh well. My journey is my own.

Yeah, I’ve been away. In Congo tradition Baculu Baka has to do with ancestral guardians that are very hot. In Haitian Vodou the Baculu Baka are hot tempered wild spirits usually dealt with in rural areas. They are often treated like djabs or devils and have very short tempers. They live in trees specifically fruiting trees like avocado etc. They often appear with red glowing eyes and have uncouth mannerisms. The Baculu Baka are dangerous spirits and are best left alone.


Honestly unless its a tradition you are actually involved in and working in a structured appropriate manner you dont just call up random spirits like that from ATR just because they sound ‘dark’. Alot of people nowadays seem to be under the impression that you can just go pick out random spirits from ATR and work with them like these little wiccans think theyre doing. Reality is about the polar fucking opposite. Much of it depends upon the spirits interest in you, not your interest in them. And the real vortices of power are not something anyone can go research online. Especially spirits connected to restless dead. Bottom line, work with your own ancestors first and if you are called to an ATR they will lead you there, but dont go looking for it. Thats like going out and looking for the mafia thinking you can just ask and join like that.

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Baka in Haití they do a ceremony with bakulu baka yo make a pact he will bring money to you all the time alot money you will be rich he is a very dark spirit

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I dont understand why all you people are so on the voodoo tip. Anybody that is real in this religion is Haitian meaning that they most likely hate White people. All they want to do is exploit you and take your money. You have no idea some of the horror stories ive heard about white people going to Haiti. Ill admit as a mostly white guy ive encountered resentment in the ocha and palo religions but ive always known that most hatians hate white people.

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It’s not even like whites don’t HAVE powerful gods.

Stealing/“appropriating” again, then feeling “insecure” again, fuck knows. lol!!

Anyway you’re all ATLANTEANS now so I claim you in the name of Norse Jesus!` :stuck_out_tongue:

(Only fucking with you… carry on.)

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Not initiated into the current, but got a visit from a Canine like being with red eyes. They looked like black voids with red outer glows, the being was also growling and snarling at me. Does anybody have any idea who it might be.


Some Hellhounds

If you’re an adept it’s like the Punisher going out looking for the mafia with his own army of badasses at his back to cut a deal.

Magicians need to stop bowing their heads and being afraid of spirits. We answer to the supreme being alone, in whose image we - and not these spirits - are made.

You’re a god inside that circle, with all authoirty given you over cosmic powers, and don’t let any of the pushers of primitive religions who will have you grovel before created beings and bow your head to idols tell you otherwise.

Hello, I am doing research because I have had a dream with the name Bakulu or something like it repeated over and over to me.
I have never practiced Vodun. I am not familiar with Loa. I am a sensitive and an occult student who throws cards. So, I am not totally new to the realm of spirits…
But this name told me in a language I am not familiar with that it was coming to get me. Not in a threatening way but as if it wanted to protect me.
Please help a sista out. What could this mean?
Another question: would this spirit be like ningazeeda (probably spelled this wrong)
Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide.

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Interesting old thread. Are there any practicing vodoun right now who can render some information about this Bakulu Baka entity? If he’s that terrifying, then I’ve got to know if he can be called by an uninitiated white man.

I have some previous dealings with Legba and Baron Samedi, but not much beyond that as far as Lwa. I know how to get possessed by unidentified Lwa. That’s generally what the Baron taught me.

Edit: I’ve never done it the traditional way a mentor. I just learned from the spirits after observing a few rituals from ATR.

Papa Kalfu is awesome to work with

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I knew this was the right thread!
Bakulu Baka can’t be all bad.

Ave Lady Eva